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Beat Museum
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First Unitarian Universalist Church
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Galería de la Raza
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*Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts
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Modern Times Bookstore Collective
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SF Live Arts at Cyprian’s

Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts

Sweet Sanctum



January 1, 1942, "Country" Joe McDonald Country Joe McDonald grew up in El Monte, Ca, At 17, he enlisted in the U. S. Navy for three years . In the early 1960s, he began busking on the Telegraph Ave. in Berkeley, Ca.
Visit Country Joe's website for his bio and more.

Jan. 3, 1892 ~ born, J. R.R. Tolkien, author of Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.
"If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world". .J. R.R. Tolkien

January 6, 1706 ~born, Benjamin Franklin, electrician, printer, statesman, philosopher, writer, kite-flyer. Franklin's Virtues

Jan. 6, 1832 ~ born in Strasbourg, France, artist Gustave Dore worked primarily with wood and steel engraving. In the forty year period from 1860-1900 a new Doré illustrated edition was published every eight days!

Jan. 6, 1878.~ born, Carl Sandburg in Galesburg, Illinois. American poet, historian, novelist & folklorist.

January 6, 1883 ~ born, Poet Kahlil Gibran (The Prophet) in Lebanon. "On Love"

On Jan. 8, 1880 –
Headline in the Morning Call: “Norton the First, by the grace of God Emperor of the United States and Protector of Mexico, departed this life.

”Emperor Norton, an eccentric resident proclaimed himself Emperor of the United States & Protector of México in 1859. Although a pauper, he was fed free in San Francisco's best restaurants And all his state proclamations were published in San Francisco's newspapers. While rational reformers elsewhere failed to crack the national bank monopoly with alternate currency plans, Norton the First had his own private currency accepted throughout San Francisco.

January 12, 1876 ~ Jack London,
(born John Griffith Chaney.
Jack London was one of the most successful writer in America in the early 20th Century. His stories of men and animals against the environment, and survival against hardships were drawn mainly from his own experience. An illegitimate child, London passed his childhood in poverty in the Oakland slums. At the age of 17, he ventured to sea on a sealing ship. The turning point of his life was a thirty-day imprisonment that was so degrading it made him decide to turn to education and pursue a career in writing.source

'You look back and see how hard you worked and how poor you were, and how desperately anxious you were to succeed, and all you can remember is how happy you were."  Jack London,
San Francisco Quotes

Jan. 15, 1929 ~ born, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. American clergyman, activist, and prominent leader in the African American civil rights movement.

Jan. 18, 1962 ~ San Francisco Poet Susan Birkelandand artist, Susan Birkeland
was born in Hibbing, Minnesota. Susan grew up in Texas, left home to live in Austin and then followed her heart to San Francisco where she lived in the mission district and became abeloved voice among San Francisco's poetic artistic North Beach community. (Jan. 18, 1961 ~ Nov. 18 2006)

Winter Solstice

Once again I am begun
Nothing to be afraid of

We call this Friendship
true and simple
magnets turning

This corner
this soft shoe
curious encroachments
Your put aside the liar' dice.

I have known friends
I had to fly around.

Let's be easy.
~ Susan Birkeland

Susan Biirkeland "The Bruised Angel Almanac" (2006)"The Bruised Angel Almanac" (2006)
chapbook of poetry
and drawings

available from
Zeitgeist Press

Any Port Arthur In A Storm @ Dave Acher
Janis living at the Goodman Building

Jan. 19, 1809 ~ born, Edgar Allan Poe in Boston, Poet, literary critic, macabre mystery writer.
Knowing Poe

Jan 23,1910 ~ born, Gypsy jazz musician, bon-vivant Django Reinhardt in Belguim.
Django Reinhardt (1910)~1953)
Django’s Personality

Jan. 23, 1756 ~ born with great rhythm Wolfgang A. Mozart

January 24 Happy Birthday, poet Daniel Yaryen,Daniel Yaryen is the founder of Sparring With Beatnik Ghosts
He is a good friend and promoter of many poets and events in San Francisco, Santa Cruz and beyond.
Daniel Yaryen is also a commissioner of The Mystic Boxing Commission, a club dedicated to fighting for the striving artists of today.

Kit KennedyJan 25, 1948 ~ Happy Birthday. Poet Kit Kennedy born in Morristown, New Jersey.

January 28, 1941, born, druid and poet Jehanah Jehanah Wedgewood,Wedgewood, a treasured member of the San Francisco arts community, Jehanah lived in the Haight Ashbury neighborhood for 39 years, where she became a cornerstone of San Francisco's literary culture, presiding over weekly poetry readings at the Sacred Grounds Café for two decades. Jehanah. blog is full of Jehanah's poetry, images and memories created by her daughter Susana. Jehanah Wedgwood 1941 – 2010 |The Wild Hunt (about her work as druid.)



Susan Birkeland star
1961 ~ 2006
City of Love
Tony Vaughanstar
1947 ~ 2008
After An Evening of Poetry and Wine
& Approaching Desire
George Tsongas star
(1927 - January 2010)
The City is a Dream
John Dowling star
(d. Dec.16, 2012)
The Revolution in North Beach
Joie Cookstar
(Nov. 4, 1951 ~ Feb.. 24, 2013)
There Are Nights in San Francisco
Don Brennan star
(1935 ~ March 18, 2013)
Spirit Walk &
Old World Cafes

Don Altadena star
Foghorns bloom,
we break upon meaning
Jerry Ferrazstar
Richard Hack star
Three poems
Leonard Irving star
Bleak Morning on Jones Street
Paul Leclerc star
Leonard Irvingstar
Porter prospectus
Rosemary Manno
What the Beatniks Saw in North Beach
& Ode To Michelangelo Park at Twilight
Bill Mercerstar
Vesuvio's North Beach
Jane Rades star
My Adopted City
Ronald Sauer star
The San Francisco Renaissance
Mark Schwartz star
All the Critical Mass bicycles
confiscated should be: &
There was a little alley
in San Francisco
Mike Aguzinstar
420 and a Vision & Cheer
Kim Shuck star
On Columbus
Mia Kirsi Stageberg star
Angels of San Francisco- 2,4&5
Vince Storti star
Walking Woman 1 &
Mime Troupe Witness 1
Peter Sherburn-Zimmerstar
Broadway Queen & what may a poem be?


peace signALLEN COHEN Poetry
April 23,1941 ~April 30, 2004
The Decline & Fall of San Francisco
by Allen Cohen

Dan Harrington Dec 12 2012
 Offering For A Friend by Jerry Ferraz
 Enchantment by Peter Sherburn Zimmer

* John Ross (1938-2011)
* Victor Martinez (1954-2011)
* Carlos Ramirez (1938-2013)
by Jorge Argueta

Jehanah Wedgewood
(1941- Nov, 2010)
George Tsongas
(1927 - January 2010)
Patricia Carr Lamerdin
(Aug. 15, 1926 - Nov. 9, 2009

Mar. 24, 1935- June 3, 2009
Harold Norse
July 6, 1916 - June 8, 2009
by Neeli Cherkovski
Vampyre Mike
Dec. 3, 1953 - Mar. 22, 2008
Nov. 1940 - May 2007


January 3, 1867
Joshua Norton I, "Dei Gratia" Emperor of the United States & Protector of Mexico, abolishes Congress & calls out the Army to clear out the riff-raff & crooks WHEREAS, a body of men calling themselves the National Congress are now in session in Washington City, in violation of our Imperial edict of the 12th of October last, declaring the said Congress abolished; WHEREAS, it is necessary for the repose of our Empire that the said decree should be strictly complied with; NOW, THEREFORE, we do hereby Order & Direct Major-General Scott, the Command-in-Chief of our Armies, immediately upon receipt of this, our Decree, to proceed with a suitable force & clear the Halls of Congress.

January 3, 1917 - Tom Mooney trial begins in San Francisco.

"America free Tom Mooney
America save the Spanish Loyalists
America Sacco & Vanzetti must not die..." ~ Allen Ginsberg

A series of lithographs (1933) by Ben Shahn depicting the Tom Mooney trial aided their cause & helped establish his reputation as an activist artist.

January 5, 1966
San Francisco Mime Troupe Handbill
San Francisco Mime Troupe

Encore Theatre

January 7, 1968
San Francisco’s KMPX-FM, a pioneering ‘underground’ radio stations, held a ‘grass ballot’ vote among its listeners.
Among those elected were:
Bob Dylan ~ (President)
Paul Butterfield ~ (Vice-President)
George Harrison ~ (UN Ambassador)
Jefferson Airplane ~ (Secretary of Transportation)
and the Grateful Dead ~ (Attorney-General)

January 7, 1968
January 7, 1968 Stop the Draft poster
Benefit for "Stop the Draft" Week
Phil Ochs
The Loading Zone
Blue Cheer

Venue: Fillmore Auditorium

January 12, 1967
The Beat poets held a free benefit for the Diggers. at Gino & Carlo's Tavern, billed as "the first San Francisco Poets 'Thank You' to the Diggers." Included were "Gary Snyder, Lenore Kandel, George Stanley, Ron Lowensohn, Lew Welch, Richard Brautigan, David Meltzer and William Fritchey."
However as reported by columnist Ralph Gleason,"The Diggers, the Haight-Ashbury informal group which provides free food each afternoon at 4 in the Panhandle at Oak and Ashbury, won't accept benefits from any group.

Emmett Grogan describes this event and how the Diggers turned down the offers of money, and gave back all the money that had been accidentally collected.

'If you want to give the Diggers a benefit,'
a spokesman says, 'give a party to which everybody can come free.'

On the same day Jan 12, 1967 @ 1542 Haight Street
Human Be-In Press Conference
photographer: Gene Anthony

Human Be-In Press Conference
Jerry Rubin
Gary Snyder
Allen Cohen
@ 1542 Haight Street
photographer: Gene Anthony

Two days later
January 14, 1967
Human Be-In Handbill
Human Be-In

Allen Ginsberg , Richard Alpert
Dick Gregory , Jack Weinberg,
Timothy Leary, Jerry Rubin
Gary Snyder, Allen Cohen and 20, 000 other including myself, at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park
Poster by Artist: Stanley Mouse

The Be-In was a blossom.
It was a flower.
It was out in the weather.
It didn't have all its petals.
There were worms in the rose.
It was perfect in its imperfections.
It was what it was -
and there had never been anything like it before.
- Michael McClure (The Summer of Love).

January 26, 1649, Gerrard Winstanley published The New Law of Righteousness in which which he identified private property as "the curse and burden the creation groans under".
Soon after he established a group called the Diggers. 
In 1652, Winstanley published The Law of Freedom in a Platform in which he proposed the introduction of his utopian commonwealth by state action.
Law of Freedom and Other WritingsLaw of Freedom and Other Writings
Pub. Oct. 25, 1973
Christopher Hill (Editor)
In which Winstanley proposed the introduction
of his utopian commonwealth by state action.

Gerrard Winstanley (Wikipedia)
The Law of Freedom in a Platform can be read online.
The 1990's Diggers song: 'The World Turned Upside Down'

January 16, 1966
Joan Baez is jailed for 10 days for Vietnam antiwar protest during a demonstration, Oakland, California.

January 16, 1968
Youth International Party (Y.I.P.) founded — Country Joe & Fish, Fugs
(includes Tuli Kupferberg, "one of the leading Anarchist theorists of our time"
& Ed Sanders, poet, editor, owner of the fabled Peace Eye Book Store),
Allen Ginsberg, Arlo Guthrie, Abbie Hoffman, Paul Krassner, Phil Ochs,
Jerry Rubin (25 artists, writers & revolutionaries).
No anarchist Yuppies allowed

January 18,2003
In the US tens of thousands rallied in Washington DC in an emphatic dissent against preparations for war in Iraq. As many as 500,000 rallied outside the Capitol. In SF the rally drew at least 100,000.

January 24,1988
San Francisco, California approves renaming 12 streets for local writers & artists.
Includes Jack Kerouac alley.

January 27-28, 1967
Grateful Dead at the Avalon Grateful Dead
Quicksilver Messenger Service
Roger Hillyard
Ben Van Meter

@The Avalon Ballroom
Artists: Stanley Mouse
Anton Kelley


January 31, 1871
Birds fly over the western part of San Francisco in such large numbers that they
actually darken the sky.

We Are All Poets cover A free program to educate, enlighten and encourage our youth to the value of poetry in their lives is an excellant example of Love in ActionWE ARE ALL POETS -
Youth poetry program organized by Jambu Press /Studio Saraswati in collaboration with the Children's Center of the San Francisco Main
Public Library. Students from grades 4th - 12th
are invited to write and submit poems.
The 2014-2015 theme is:"The Power of Peace."
Submissions accepted till Mar. 1, 2015.
Guidelines & Submission form

Stephen Kopel with Nicole Savage
as his Feature on Special Edititon

Thank you , Stephen Kopel and John Rhodes for making my maiden voyage on youtube so easy and such fun, too. ~ nicole, sfheart.com

Beatitude Magazine and the 1970's San Francisco Renaissance' star
(photo documentary) New Native Press 2014
Beatitude Magazine and the 1970's  book cover
Cover photo © Thomas Rain Crowe
THOMAS RAIN CROWE, founder and editor of New Native Press was the main distributor and nuts and bolts guy for Beatitude magazine and press in the 1970's beginning with issue #21, and was the editor of Beatitude #25

January 6, 2015

“Write it on your heart
that every day is the best day in the year.
He is rich who owns the day, and no one owns the day
who allows it to be invaded with fret and anxiety.

Finish every day and be done with it.
You have done what you could.
Some blunders and absurdities, no doubt crept in.
Forget them as soon as you can, tomorrow is a new day;
begin it well and serenely, with too high a spirit
to be cumbered with your old nonsense.

This new day is too dear,
with its hopes and invitations,
to waste a moment on the yesterdays.” 
Ralph Waldo Emerson

The San Francisco Art and Poetry Event Calendar is on hiatus through January 2015 while I celebrate my birthday month with a gift of a change in my daily schedule to have time to go out and play more, refresh my spirit in nature, spend time with friends, sample new experiences, and reflect on possible CHANGES I need to make in how I work to support my life and intentions.
Peace and Love, Nicole Savage


January 8, 1972
~ Kenneth Patchen, rebel poet and artist ~
died on this day at the age of 61.
Kenneth Patchen Home Page
other Kenneth Patchen links
Poem painting by Kenneth Patchen
Kenneth Patchen painted poem

~ January 12, 1986 ~

"Bob Kaufman, the "black Rimbaud" of Beat
San Francisco, passed away in his sleep Sunday morn January 12, 1986, passed on in a dream of Halley's Comet leaving our visibility. In the mosaic of the micro-environments of this penninsular city, his very presence would percolate events and cluster conversation. Bolts of insight and humor charging his public atmosphere, electric beat and dancer of his word that went out to the everyday lives, to stir us all. North Beach was his book, its streets his paper, to do his poems in person. For thirty years Bob was the beat Ulysses of North Beach in his dynamic trails and stops, those ports of call, portals of horn, that generated a poetic geography."
© Kush,excerpt from The Duende of Bob Kaufman,
Third Railrom, issue 6, 1987

Bob Kaufman Funeral Parade photo: Michelle Bolyn

The Prince with the Big Eyes by Jack Micheline
The Funeral of Bob Kaufman by Allen Cohen

poet and counter-culture activist
Lenore Kandel
Jan. 14, 1932, New York - Oct. 18, 2009, San Francisco

Praise be to Eros who loves only beauty
and finds it everywhere

…sharing his own soft wanton grace
with all who let his presence enter in
faithless as flowers, fickle as the wind-borne butterfly
– Lenore Kandel

Lenore Kandel (1932–2009) was born in New York City and wrote poetry from childhood. She was reading about Buddhism and world religion when she was 12 years old. In 1959. her writings An Exquisite Navel, A Passing Dragon and Passing Dragon Seen Again appeared.

She was 30 years In 1960 when she moved to San Francisco and she fell in with the poets Lew Welch and Gary Snyder.Then she met Jack Kerouac who immortalized her a Welsh's girlfriend in Big Sur."

Lenore took part in poetry events, including reading at the University of California Poetry Conference in 1964, also attended by Robert Creeley, James Koller and its organiser, Charles Olson. Around 1966, she became involved with Haight-Ashbury's the Diggers.

"She went from the Beat community to the Diggers,
to being a major player at the Human Be-In," said the poet and Beat documentarian who goes by the name
of Kush. "She was a very deep poet, and she was committed to radical values and transforming culture."

In 1966, Kandel wrote The Love Book.The Love Book by Lenore Kandel  A small pamphlet consisting of four poems, The Love Book provoked censorship with its poem, "To Fuck with Love." It was seized by police from both City Lights Books and The Psychedelic Shop as being in violation of state obscenity codes.' On Nov. 8, 1966, Oracle editor Allen Cohen was busted in the Thelins' Psychedelic Shop for selling a copy of Lenore Kandel's book. Much of Lenore Kandel's poetry celebrated carnal love as part of the divine and Lenore Kandel defended her verse as "holy erotica."  
more details about the trial @FoundSF.com

At the Human Be-In, January 14, 1967 Lenore Kandel was the only woman to speak from the stage and she read from her Love Book. It was her 35th birthday that day, and the crowd of 20,000 to 30,000 people sang 'Happy Birthday' to her."

Lenore's next book, Word Alchemy" was published in 1967.

In 1970 she and her soulmate, the Digger and Hells Angel Bill "Sweet William" Fritsch, were involved in a serious motorcycle crash. Lenore's spine was severely damages and she was left permanently disabled. She withdrew from public life, wrote but was not published again other than a republished limited edition of The Love Book by Superstition Street Press, an independent publishing house from San Francisco, run by Kandel's friend and fellow poet, Joe Pachinko.  
Lenore Kandel died Oct.18, 2009.

Lenore Kandal Collected Poems, by Lenore Kandal with perface by Diane di Prima was published by North Atlantic Books (April 10, 2012) and contains the poems from both of her earlier books along with over 150 pages of poetry seeing book publication for the first time. 


Lenore Kandel

you were Lucifer in the morning, the day star
you were Aurora, tearing Hecate's black veil
with your dancing feet;
spinning golden banners from star to dimming star
you were helios, the sun driver, hero of flame,
bright with the terrible beauty of infinite light
your were Hesperus in the evening, first candle
of Selene who lights night with star fire and her
own silver passion

you were the first light and last light, incarnate in
gods and goddesses. in the hearth fire and the
shooting star
each flame a votive light, acknowledged or unknown


( dreaming, I saw creatures shaped as men but with garuda wings fanning from their backs - their blood flowed on the earth and it came from their veins burning in phosphorescent streams - I saw this and remembered)

Light I invoke you with the power of match and of candle - BE BORN AGAIN!
light beyond the shape of flame, clear light that
shines from the shapes of mankind around me,
clear light that shines from the shapes of mankind
around me, clear light that becomes the universe
around me, the incarnation of light in all living things,
all aspects of the planet, all visions and all dreams.
I do invoke you


SF: Communication Company, 1967. Broadside.

"When a society is afraid of its poets,
it is afraid of itself.
A society afraid of itself stands
as another definition of hell."

~Lenore Kandel

In 2012 Collected Poems of Lenore Kandel , edited by Evan Karp, was published by Berkeley-based independent publisher North Atlantic Books featuring 80 of her poems, many of which had never before been published.
 Historic photos and interview with poet Lenore Kandel utube)

January, 15, 2010
(1927 ~ January 2010

Remembering George Tsongas
@ George Tsongas
© George Tsongas 1981

columbus avenue

i'd like
to remember
the curved
art deco windows
the sun reflecting
oft them at sunset
in the morning
a slight lull
a shadow creeping
over the building
on the other side
of the street

i'd like
to remember
columbus avenue
at seven minutes
to eight
summer evening, and
seven minutes after seven

January 17, 2011 ~
  Remembering John Ross


After they had waited on line
for nearly eight straight hours
to vote for the candidate of their choice,
The Dead were finally informed
that they were no longer inscribed
upon the precinct lists of the Republic.
But we have only come to exercise
our rights as responsible citizens
The Dead complained bitterly
for it seemed to them that the President
in the spirit of national unity
had called upon all the people
to cast their ballots
as is the democratic norm.
The official registrar
who was still quite alive
could only explain
the exclusion of the calacas
with platitudes about Morality.
Oh said The Dead and voted anyway.
But your votes are clearly illegal
winced the official Official,
they can't be counted in this election.
You have a point The Dead replied,
maybe they won't be counted now
but surely you will count them later.

© John Ross

MEMORIAM~ John Ross (1938-2011)
by Jorge Argueta

~January 19 1905 ~
born in Eugene,Oregon


Byron Hunt was an artist, poet, noted story teller, filmmaker, mail art enthusiast, as well as a mentor and beloved advisor to artists and poets. During the 1920's Hunt settled in San Francisco into a studio in the “Monkey Block” (now the Transamerica Pyramid. During the Depression he worked as a weaver for the FAP and as a sketcher for Diego Rivera at the Golden Gate International Exposition.  Artist Harold La Vigne once followed Byron Hunt around with a movie camera, recording his antics for posterity.

Byron Hunt / original beat poet Byron Hunt, great beat poet and trickster, was also the poet who gave Allen Ginsberg"Moloch" that Allen used in Howl. Byron always said, "Allen and I were upon the hill overlooking the financial district and I started jumping up and down waving my arms yelling 'MOLOCH!, MOLOCH!, MOLOCH!' and Allen used it in Howl and never thanked me for it. Some poets are like that" Allen was a horrible person that way. Some poets are like that". Byron, poet, artist was also a retired postman and walked the city everyday for miles. ...source:http://www.davearcher.com/Joplin.html
Artist Byron Hunt painted the cover of Beatitude 33 , Silver Anniversary edited by Jeffrey Grossman.
On June 12, 1993, Byron Alton Hunt died in Clear Lake, Cal., age 88.



In the San Francisco daylight
Stood a young man on the street
he was round & smily and wore glasses
This young man had wild eyes
and a room full of color
The real museum of Modern Art
yellow as the sun
red as trees and grass
blue as the sky
fuscia as a ladies behind
orange as the moon
He loves the moon
All in his room at the Goodman Hotel
A True Artist Byron Hunt
Humble man of the people and the street
To know this man is to know heart

 by Jack Micheline, Sept. 7, 1977 SF

Obituary for Byron Alton Hunt by Tony Vaughan


I Am Going to Fly Through Glass: Selected Poem of Harold Norse
Harold Norse
Editor Todd Swindell
The Universal Tone:
My Life

The Universal Tone: My Life by Carlos Santana
by Carlos Santana
An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States

book cover
Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Encyclopedia of Trouble
and Spaciousness

by Rebecca Solnit

Kim Shuck
Clouds Come Running by Kim Shuck
Gail Mitchell
Bird Songs by Gail Mitchell
Whose Real Blues by Q.R. Hand

With Every step I Take by Avotcja
Jeanne Powell
My Own Silence by Jeanne Powell
On the Good Red Interstate
Lee Francis
On The Interstate by Lee Francis
Tom Share
Spectacles by Tom Sharp
Carol Lee Sanchez
From Spirit to Matter by Carol Lee Sanche



The Heyday of Malcolm Margolin:
The Damn Good Times of a Fiercely Independent Publisher

The Heyday of Malcolm Margolin
edited by Kim Bancroft
1st edition (September 26, 2014)

by Malcolm Margolin
Illustrations by Michael Harney

1st edition August 1, 1978
2nd edition -June 1st 2014


Picnic Poetry by Stephen KopelPOETRY PICNIC
Picnic Poetry is a delightful gift choice for family and friends!
Stephen Kopel's new book offers a feast of funny bones, a plethora of pleasures pungent and tart, a basketful of extra helpings or side dishes to satisfy tummies hungry for delicious humor.No matter your mood, these tasty poems will alter your attitude. ~ Stephen Kopel


LUNA'S Press & Bookstore
Literature and more
Luna Press and Bookstore logo
 Bilingual Multi-Cultural Children's Books
3790 Mission St. @ Richland ~ S, F.
Open Thurs.- Sun. 10-7pm

Through Thurs., Feb. 5, 2015
San Francisco Main Library
Art, Music & Recreation Center
100 Larkin St.
San Francisco (map)

Light Walk:
Bob Miller and the Exploratorium

Light Walk
In celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the Exploratorium’s Artist-in Residence program the museum presents an investigation of the work of
Bob Miller (1935-2007), a self-titled “natural philosopher”, and author of many of the museum's most iconic exhibits about light, color, and shadow.

San Francisco Main Library
Jewitt Gallery
Civic Center
100 Larkin Street
San Francisco

Ohlone Elders and Youth Speak:
Restoring A California Legacy.
(Through Sunday, January 04, 2015)
ongoing exhibition
This exhibition celebrates multi-generational efforts of the Ohlone people to keep their cultures alive and thriving. Photographs and oral histories dispel the myth that the Ohlone are extinct and illuminate the
life experience of people living between two
cultures that are often in opposition.
The exhibit reflects the challenges of 21st Century Ohlone: protection of burial and other sacred sites, truth-telling regarding the history of California Native people, the significance of the arts and crafts revival, and a vision for the future for the Ohlone peoples.


Legion of Honor
Reva and David Logan Gallery of Illustrated Books
100 34th Avenue
San Francisco map

Artists & Editions: A Publication
in Memory of Steven Leiber (1957–2012)

October 18, 2014 – March 29, 2015

Steven Leiber, a San Francisco native, made his reputation as a collector specializing in ephemera—brochures, flyers, posters, and exhibition announcements—designed by
artists in the 1960s and 1970s.

Artists & Editions: A Publication
He maintained a gallery in the basement of his grandmother’s house in the city’s Marina district, calling it Steven Leiber’s Basement. As Leiber sorted and organized ephemera relating to Fluxus art, Beat and Concrete poetry movements, and the 1960s counterculture, he invited art scholars, curators, artists, and ephemera aficionados to explore his inventory.






de Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.
Golden Gate Park ~ S. F.

(Nov. 8, 2014–Feb. 16, 2015)
painting by Keith Haring
painting by Keith Haring
© Keith Haring Foundation

de Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.
Golden Gate Park ~ S. F.

Anthony Friedkin: The Gay Essay
(June 14, 2014 – January 11, 2015)
Anthony Friedkin,Hustlers, Selma Avenue, Hollywood
Anthony Friedkin, Hustlers, Selma Avenue, Hollywood,1971, from the series The Gay Essay



Palace of the Legion of Honor
Lincoln Park
100 34th Ave
San Francisco

Houghton Hall:
Portrait of an English Country House

(October 18, 2014 – January 18, 2015)
Houghton Hall
One of England’s grandest country houses,
built in the 1720s by Sir Robert Walpole (1676–1745), Britain’s first prime minister.

-Sir Robert Walpole as Master of the King's Staghounds in
Sir Robert Walpole as Master of the King's Staghounds in Windsor Forest 1725
artist: John-Wootton-English-1682-1765

Sybil Countess of Rocksavage by Sargent
John Singer Sargent painting of
Sybil, Countess of Rocksavage
(Later Marchioness of Cholmondeley), 1913




De Young Museum
50 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr.
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco

The Emerald Tablet
80 Fresno Street
San Francisco map

Focus Gallery
1534 Grant Avenue
San Francisco
(415) 706-0898

The Legion of Honor
100 34th Avenue
San Francisco map

Live Worms Gallery
1345 Grant Avenue
San Francisco

111 Minna Gallery
111 Minna Street
San Francisco

540 Howard Street
San Francisco

Galeria de la Raza
2857 24th Street
San Francisco (map)



Please give your SUPPORT to our independent Theaters

Every Tuesday 6:30 pm
The Alliance Française
of San Francisco

1345 Bush Street
San Francisco

The Alliance Française of San Francisco
offers a weekly Tuesday night
French film..
To help non-French speakers discover French cinema, all films are screened with English subtitles, A $5.00 donation is suggested (includes complimentary
glass of wine, or two!)

275 Capp Street,
San Francisco

Oddball Films actively works to present rarely screened genres of cinema as well as avant-garde and ethno-cultural documentaries which expand the boundaries of conventional cinema. Thursday & Fridays
Weekly screenings of offbeat cinema.
8pm Screenings - $10. - Nights!
Tickets: $10.00 - Limited seating RSVP @oddballfilm.com or 415-558-8117
(please note there are stairs - no elevator)
OddBall Theatre front door 275


 ~   ROXIE Theatre
Embarcadero Center Cinema

    CINEMALIT experimental films  ~ 


Love in Action eventLOVE IN ACTION

The Prisoners Literature Project
The Prisoners Literature Project
Volunteer With Us

these three special programs are excellent example of Love in Action
California Poets in the Schools

826 Valencia the Writing Center
is a nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to helping teachers inspire their students to write.
 Since opening in 2006, they have enlisted help from hundreds of qualified volunteer tutors eager to teach students in the area.   
 Volunteer now »

The Imagine Bus
The Imagine Bus

bringing arts education
where it's needed most

Children's Creativity Museum ~
221 Fourth Street ~ San Francisco

Creativity Explored ~
(where art changes lives) ~
3245 Sixteenth St ~
San Francisco (map)

Red Poppy Art House programs offered my Red Poppy Art House for families and the children exemplify Love in Action!RED POPPY ART HOUSE ~ FAMILY ART PROGRAM,
Saturdays 1pm-4pm, you can find the corner of 23rd and Folsom bursting with  color and vibrance as children and families exercise their creative freedom in an open outdoor forum.
All Activities are FREE unless otherwise listed. All are welcome. Come by if you can!
This program aspires to bring the community’s children and families together to partake in artistic endeavors that include diverse artistic and educational perspectives
Todas las actividades del programa de Arte en Familia son GRATIS a menos que esté indicado en el calendario.Calendar activities are subject to change.
Las actividades están sujetas a cambio.
Revise la página web.





Wednesday: 3:00 pm
JACK FOLEY's"Cover to Cover"
KPFA 94.1 FM
streaming audio

Every Friday -Noon to 3pm
AVOTCJA On The Radio &
The World Wide Web
La Veda Musical/The Musical Truth
playing the best of African, Caribbean, Jazz, Bomba, Plena & Latin dance.


Friday 3pm- 6pm
Diamond Dave Whitaker's
OPEN MIC with co-host Global Val Ibarra broadcasting live from Mutiny Radio at 2781 21st St. (@Florida St.)
in San Francisco.
starVAL IBARRA is a member of KPFA's Women's Magazine and once a month
Val produces and hosts their excellent weekly show on 94.1 & kpfa.org, Monday 1-2pm -

radiOM ~ archived audio recordings
from KPFA-FM radio in Berkeley

Sundays from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm
POET AS RADIO~ weekly program on
KUSF In Exile, @ www.savekusf.org.
hosted by San Francisco writers,
Nicholas Leaskou, Jay Thomas and Delia Tramontina.
Links to all our archived shows, can be found at poetasradio.blogspot.com You can
also find our podcasts by going to ITUNES and searching for
‘Poet as Radio.
S.F. Open Mic Poetry Podcast TV, produced/hosted
by John Rhodes and Clara Hsu
filmed live once a month. The series airs Thursdays @ 7:30 PM on 29 Comcast and 99 U-verse.
View past shows!
You are also invited to an
OPEN MIC after the taping sessions,
hosted by Stephen Kopel.
Watch those past shows here
~Youtube Open Mic

653 Chenery ~ San Francisco map  
POETS! featured poet followed by open mic    Hosted by Jerry Ferraz.

Second Tuesday of the month ~ 7:00 to 8:45 pm ~
On the Page, Off the Page Open Mic Poetry ~ (acoustic music,too)
Park Branch Library, (downstairs) 1833 Page, between Cole & Shrader, San Francisco Food for the body, the mind, and the spirit. Everybody (performers, audience, and friends) welcome!    ~  Hosted by Richard Ivanhoe
Word PartyThird Tuesday~ 8:00pm - 10:30pm ~ Viracocha
Hosted by Jennifer Barone and Ingrid Keir
The Word Party Poetry & Jazz Open Mic ~
998 Valencia Street (at 21 st.)~ San Francisco
(sign-up at 8:00pm sharp with the hosts, hurry as the list gets FULL and fast!) ~  LIVE jazz with Nova Jazz:Daniel Heffez(Sax),
Geordie Van Der Bosch (Percussion) and friends. 
Featuring: YOU and your POETRY!! Donation: $10
Sacred  Grounds CafeEvery Wednesday ~7 pm sign up -reading begins 7:30
~ Sacred Grounds Cafe, 2095 Hayes Street ~ San Francisco.
with an open mic and the feature follows. The Sacred Grounds Poetry reading series is long running poetry reading (since 1972)w/ feature poets and open mic. Hosted by Dan Brady - creative1@creativeideasforyou.com -
Every Thursday~7 pm ~  Bazaar Cafe - 5927 California Street -
between 21st / 22nd Avenue - (415) 831-5620 -San Francisco map
open mic, spoken wd, original acoustic music.  Go a bit early to be assured a seat.
Every Thursday ~6:30 pm~ Readers Café & Bookstore ~
Building C, South End, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco
(415)771-1011 Poetry Reading at Readers Cafe curated by Jack Hirschman
Friends of the San Francisco Public Library poet-in-residence
Every Friday ~3pm- 6pm ~ Diamond Dave Whitaker's -
with co-host Val Ibarra broadcasting live out of the MutinyRadio & Cafe
~ 2781 21st St. @ Florida ~ San Francisco.
peace Every 3rd Friday ~6:00 to 8:00 pm ~ Haight Ashbury Peace Vigil
corner of Masonic and Fell, Golden Gate Park Panhandle. We will have our usual signs, music, candles, and snacks. Join us for the whole two hours or for just five minutes. Everybody welcome! If you join us, please dress for the weather.
Pictures from past vigils can be seen here
***NEW  First Saturday ~ 7 - 9:30 pm ~ La Promenade Poetry Series
with featured readers followed by open mic.
@ La Promenade Café - 3643 Balboa St-.San Francisco
Every 2nd Saturday ~7:00 pm-9:00 pm -Poetry and Prose Reading Series
with featured readers followed by open mic.
Frank Bette Center for the Arts ~ 1601 Paru at Lincoln - Alameda,Ca map ~
Hosted by Jeanne Lupton, Questions? Email: Jeanne
2nd & 4th Sunday~- 3:30-5:30pm ~
still in English,Spanish, Spanglish y Lo Que Sea ~
Featured poets followed by open mic, hosted by Avotcja,
~*~ No Cover ~*~ (Donations for flyers accepted & don’t forget to bring your
 Always the word festival to remember! @ CASA LATINA (Taqueria, Bakery & Café) ~
1805 San Pablo Avenue @ Delaware
(3 blocks North of University) Berkeley, Ca. (510 )558-7177
First Sunday each month - signup 5 pm- start 5:15- ~
Poetry Unbound,a new monthly reading series featuring three poets
each month at the Art House Gallery in Berkeley , 2905 Shattuck Ave.
Berkeley, Ca. (one block north of Ashby, and close to Ashby BART)
This series dedicates itself to presenting new work in a broad range of
styles and genres, and to bringing together writers from different circles and communities, Hosts Clive Matson, Karla Brundage, and Richard Loranger.
Last Sunday each month ~ 4:30 to 6:30 pm ~
Bird and Beckett ~ 653 Chenery ~ San Francisco map ~ (415) 586- 3733
Walker Brent, masterful storyteller, is a cornucopia of literary fact and fiction. As a geographer of the entire range of human cultural output, his monthly talk son topics diverse & fascinating are not to be missed.
New Moon Open mic ~7:00 pm sign-up, 7:30-9:30pm performances
- Sweet Sanctum ~ 640-A Stanyan St, bet. Page and Oak invites you to come out with intention  to a new open mic poetry and music series in San Francisco . Acoustic only venue. $5 donation at the door, Hosted by Virginia Barrett




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      Poets: Here Now and There Then, Beats and Otherwise, Artist Friends, Odds and Ends
 Virginia Barrett
 Jennifer Barone
 Charles Curtis Blackwell   ART
 Bob Booker Ambush Review
 Don Brennan
 Carla Badillo Coronado
 Neeli Cherkovski
 Poem for Harold Norse
  by Neeli Cherkovski
 Ana Elsner
 Ana Elsner poem for George Tsongas
 Auto/Biographical Sketch of Jack Hirschman
 by Matt Gonzalez
 Clara Hsu Poetry Hotel
Diamond Dave, S. F. Rabble Rouser and Revolutionary Rebel By Hugh Dander
 Q R Hand
 Fifteen Poems Jack Hirschman
 devorah major
 David Meltzer
 A Tribute to David Meltzer
 Blake Moore
 Jeanne Powell poet, publisher,
 performer, and producer
 Diane di Prima
 Diane di Prima Lunch Poems - video
 Gary Snyder
 North Beach Alba by Gary Synder
 Tony Seymour's Biography
 Mark Schwartz
 Mel Thompson
 George Tsongas North Beach Poet
 Cara Vida
/Al Young California Poet Laureate emeritus
 Antonin Artaud
 Anais Nin
 Baudelaire -Les Fleurs du mal
 William Blake Archive
 Charles Bukowski - The Great Poet
 John Cage
 Ira Cohen
 Robert Creeley
 ee cummings  paintings
 Hermann Hesse  Paintings
 T. S. Eliot
 Robert Lax
 Robert Lax poetry
 Pablo Neruda   poems
 Charles Olson
 Documentary of Ezra Pound youtube
 Ezra Pound's "Cantos," section LXXXI
  read by the poet
BEATS    gone/ gone/ gone beyond
Allen Ginsberg
Allen Ginsberg performs William Blake
Richard Brautigan
William Burroughs
William Burroughs Reality Studio
Howard Hart by Armour Garland
Jack Hirschman Remembers:
Kenneth Rexroth and the Beats
Gregory Corso
Kirby Doyle links:
obituary, & announcement of memorial readingS F Chronicle, 05.14.03
Kirby Doyle page - Hammond Guthrie's Third Page
"The Birth of Digger Batman" by Kirby Doyle,as published in The Digger Papers
photo of Billy Batman & Kirby Doyle by Chuck Gould, (Diggers website)
Remembrances of Kirby Doyle
by McClure, Peter Coyote,Tisa Walden, Philomene Long and John Thomas, and Claude Hayward.
Jack Kerouac
Bob Kaufman (1925-1986)
Philip Lamantia
Jack Micheline
In memory of Jack Micheline Poet-
by Jack Hirschman
Tribute to Jack Micheline by A.D. Winans
Lew Welch

Harold Norse July 6, 1916 - June 8, 2009
Charles Olson
Kenneth Rexroth
Rexroth in the Anachist Encyclopedia
Jack Spicer
Philip Whalen  
a chapbook
Mark Other Place by Phillip Whalen
Jack Foley The alsop review
Academy of Beat Poets
American Museum of Beat Art
The Beat Generation:
Beat SuperNova
California Beat Era
Cultural Chronology of Early Beat Generation Literature
Cosmic Baseball Association
How Beat Happened
Lit Kicks
Decade of Bebop, Beatniks & Painting
Arthur Monroe1998
Naropa U. Internet Archive
Harry Redl : Portraits of Beat Generation
Unspeakable Visions:
Beat Generation/Bohemian Dialectic
Why the Beats Still Matter
Beat Generation Video Archive
Artists San Francisco
Agneta Falk
Agneta Falk creating Blue
and the North Beach Contrarian
George Long artist, musician
Phil Deal poet, artist, musician, inventor
Kim Schuck poet/artist
Larry Keenan photographer
Anahid artist
Torrey Nommesen  fractal artist
REDO artist
Visionary artist Ned Millett
Richard 'Lucky' Perri' Artist
Tina Tarnoff Artist
Christopher Trian Artist
Pecita Eyes Muralists
San Francisco Women Artists

The fight for the bohemian soul of North Beach's Caffe Trieste

Shig Murao: The Enigmatic Soul of City Lights and the San Francisco Beat Scene

BJ PAPA Interview by Catz Forsman.

Harry Smith Archives (1923-1991)
M.C. Escher Gallery
Paul Klee
Vincent van Gogh Gallery
Vincent van Gogh Letters
Literary stamps
Art Crimes Writing on the Wall
Art Daily
Women in the Arts National Museum
Women Painters Index: 1893 Expo
Women in Art video
Women are Art - Corot video
For the Love of Beauty!
Wenaus favorite poems
Ancient Greek Philosophers
Bartleby great books/classic poetry
Poetry Library UK *
The Poets Corner
Bibliomania Free Online Literature/ ?
The Library of Congress
Project Gutenberg
Poetry through the Ages
Poetry Foundation
*Aspen web version - multimedia magazine in a box
Light and Dust Anthology
Neurotic Poets
Institute for study of Bohemian Literature
surrealist.comm ~ A history of surrealism, surreal art, and the artists involved in the surrealist art movement. A definitive history of the surrealist movement.
One Man's Multimedia Journey Through the San Francisco
Live Jazz & Creative Music Scene
Fusion Anomaly
objects that were found, mixed
and compiled by Atomjack
International SurreaLists Art
*dada - situationist
The Physik Garden
Transcendental Biographies:
The effect of the Transcendental Planet in the lives of historical, cultural and artistic personalities
Political Writings of George Orwell
Essays, newspaper columns, letters and editorials.
George Orwell
complete works,photos
For the Love of Beauty!
On The Edge The Hidden Art of Fore-Edge Book Painting
Sacred Text the largest freely available archive of online books about religion, mythology, folklore and the esoteric on the Internet. The site is dedicated to religious tolerance and scholarship.
Kenneth Patchen links
Kenneth Patchen
—Poetry and Jazz days, 1957–1959
Painted and Silkscreened Poems by Kenneth Patchen
Kenneth Patchen Home Page
Excerpts from Kenneth Sleeper Patchen Awake
Patchen: Man of Anger & Light by Henry Miller and A Letter to God by Kenneth Patchen 
open culture
The best free cultural & educational media on the web

more poetry at sfheart.com
Poetry a few of my favorites

The Desiderata

Love Quotes
eclectic snippets of prose and poetry.

Excerpts From "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran
"On Love"
Song of Love by Kahlil Gibran




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