Bill Mercer

Vesuvio's North Beach

   I'm upstairs by the window having
a tall coffee before heading out to
catch the train. Down the alley a
drunk tries to crash on the sidewalk
beneath Baudelaire"s painted glare,
solemn and haunted.

   He turns over, turns over again.
He sits up, lies back down, sits up
again. He can't get comfortable
under that formidable stare.

   He gets up, steadies himself, then
navigates the surging sea of a sidewalk
to the corner: a triumphant traveler.

   He settles in beneath Kerouac"s
kind gaze and passes out immediately.

   Kerouac: Boddhisatva for drunks.
And travelers.

© Bill Mercer

Round Trip © Bill Mercer     Leaning into The Night © Bill Mercer

    Polished Pebbles © Bill Mercer   Split By The Swords Of Love © Bill Mercer   Seeing Haiku © Bill Mercer

Bill Mercer is a fine poet and artist from the deep South who has made his home in San Francisco for many years. He can be heard at many
of the local poetry venues and his handmade chapbooks of poetry are very collectible. Bill Mercer occasionally displays his art work in
San Francisco and also produces the Question ? project which invites other poets responses to his graphics which are then put on display
for all to see and enjoy. Many of our City's finest poets have participated in Bill Mercer's Question ? project. In 2005, Bill and poet Clara Hsu
created several special programs
together called Lunation, which consisted of reading poetry with musical instruments such as the Japanese
bamboo flute shakuhachi, singing bowl, and hand drum. These exquisite music and poetry programs are always well received.
Bill Mercer
hosts the First Saturdays at La Promenade Cafe Poetry reading and Open Mic with co-producer poet Stephanie Manning.

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