Mark Schwartz

All the Critical Mass bicycles confiscated should be:

Sold to the highest bidders in the black market
left on the street in the County of Marin
given to police officers with too many parking tickets
allocated to the homeless of that they don't
      have to sleep around soup kitchens
traded for a few Picassos, which can be hung in the new Main Library
provided for Bay to Breakers runners, who refuse to run
be given back to the rightful owners


There was a little alley in San Francisco

Where Diamond Dave gave Neal Cassidy a doobie
      probably from Neal Cassidy's stash
Same alley where Mark Swartz smoked indigea with Darrell Gauff
and walked through the streets of San Francisco
thinking everyone was part of the revolution little alleys,
where people if they have to go ...go
little alleys called Kerouac, Rexroth, Kaufman, Saroyan, Jack London
12 in all
established by suggestion of Lawrence Ferlinghetti

© Mark Schwartz, from Mark Schwartz chapbook titled 'A picture is WORTH 62 words'.

For more poetry and information about Mark Swartz.,please visit San Francisco Poet Mark Schwartz

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