Don Brennan
(1935 ~ March 18, 2013)


Ears covered against a cold wind
San Francisco feels like Alaska
walking west toward the sea

climbing from Mission Street
over the hills to work early
walking slow as a winter sun

rain will return when it’s ready
bottle brush and mulberry hold
their leaves, encourage me

wishing I could walk all day
up these hills and down
one step at a time

mind clear as winter gazing
at trees
I could walk to the sea

let work wait until tomorrow
or another day, the
wise ones say

we don’t need money
our souls are invisible on crystalline
days between storms

we are needless in essence
crystalline in truth
imperceptible between storms

the wise ones, perceptive as a
flight of gulls gliding along 24th Street
join me in a cold wind

bottle brush and mulberry
hold tight to their leaves.

© Don Brennan

Barbarara by Don BrennanBARBARIA was published in June 1st 2009.
Don Brennan serialized the book on his blog for you to read. some more of his poetry and other writings can be found there too. Don Brennen's blog

San Francisco


Old world cafes tuck themselves
into corners of the city
where disengaged minds seek
shelter, huddle like paranoid
lambs cut off from the flock
find some safety behind spotilly
cleaned windows, warm and soft
as morning sun filtering through
from the street.

Guitars strum without amps, Monk moves
to the comforting beat of milk

Old world cafes snuggled like refugee
families into corners of the city,
struggle to defy cynicism with wonton soup
lasagna, falafal
a computer or two.

At tables of books and tea, scribbling in
journals, peering at glasses of wine
like newsprint, people in from the
glaring streets interrupt one another
grapple with sanity
laugh aloud in several
American languages.

© Don Brennan

Don BrennanDon Brennan was born in San Francisco in 1935 and retired from high school teaching in 1990. He began reading
open mic poetry in 2000 after winning first prize in the Haight Ashbury Literary Journal contest (San Francisco).
Don Brennan's work has appeared in several journals, including Haight Ashbury, Minotaur, The Great American Poetry Show,
North Coast Review, The Throwback, Arnazella, Sacred Grounds Anthology,
and Other Side of the Post Card (City Lights Anthology).
He has edited Two Anthologies : Tracks 07); Summit V(07). And has published 5 chapbooks: Amusing the Beast(2002);
Seasonal Work(2005); Extrodinary Pleasure(2006); Try Those Shoes(2006); Prelude to Uncertainty (2007).

Don Brennan died on March 18, 2014,

The themes of Don Brennan's finely crafted poetry were Peace, Nature, Love and Social Justice and though he rarely raised his voice.

he never failed to move the audience. Don was a fine man and one of the most respected writers in the SF Open Mic scene.

Ode to Allen Cohen by Don Brennan

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