*Cosmic Cash / Dharma Dollar

Accepted Payment On All Karmic Debt
Don't Leave Home without it !

For all who Let Their Love Light Shine
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The Cosmic Cash/Dharma Dollar was created as a gift to be given
to those who involve themselves in service to others. It is an
acknowledgement and encouragement
of the work of the Spirit
that unites us all
and invites us to become more aware of the
many possibilities within our individual everyday lives to
share our loving kindness with others.

Legal in the State of Love

Look up from the daily newspaper and all that is to be seen of what is wrong
and painful in our treatment of each other and our Mother Earth.
Louis Adamis quote "Life is like licking honey off a thorn". is all too true.
Cosmic Cash /Drama Dollars encourages us to recognize
, celebrate, and
reward those people whose compassion and helpfulness sweeten our days.

We suggest when ever possible, give two...One to Keep and One to Share...

Share the Wealth ~ Redeemable for 100% guaranteed good vibration

"we all shine on like the moons, and the stars, and the suns"... john lennon, 'instant karma"

COSMIC CASH is a thank you.  Hand it out to those you see performing random acts of kindness  right
there in front of your eyes as you walk around your town. Give it to an artist, a child, a teacher, your mother. :-)
Use it to brighten days and lives. Give it anonymously offering it to people
showing kindness towards each other..
Acknowledge and recognize the joy and beauty that Love for each other brings to our lives Here and Now.
Give it like a smile or a hug. "one good turn deserves another".

As is printed on the front of the Cosmic Cash, "Tender is Legal in The Eternal State of Love". Encourage compassion

COSMIC CASH / DHARMA DOLLARS are for all who let their love light shine.

CosmicCash / DrahmaDollars are a wonderful addition to any special celebration, birthday, wedding,
graduation gift, or as an acknowledgement for volunteers.

" Love is The Opening Door, Love is What We Came Here For" ...Elton John, Tumbleweed Connection 1972

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