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San Francisco
San Francisco Quotes
S.F. History  San Francisco calendar of historical events of significiance
to one of her local longtime lovers.
Haunted Places In San Francisco
S.F. Vintage & Secondhand shops
San Francisco Songs   A collection of information and lyrics of Songs
written about San Francisco.
San Francisco Books  sfheart's recommeded books on all subjects
about San Francisco, including films made in or about San Francisco
as well as recommendation of music and books about the sixties,
including Anti War, Art, Biographies, Communes , Culture/Fashion,
Drugs/Sex, Music,
Haight Ashbury/San Francisco, Novels Poetry, and more. 
Volunteer  opportunities available in San Francisco
to share your "Love in Action"
San Francisco Art and Poetry
a digest of information local artists and venues
and selecion of Poems about San Francisco by San Francisco Poets
San Francisco Poets
peace signPeace and Love
COSMIC CASH/DHARMA DOLLAR   Tender is Legal in the Eternal State of Love.
Accepted payment on all Karmic debts.
Words of the Wise  My Favorite Quotes. Do you see yours?
The Hundredth Monkey This very short true story really wows me!
How living creatures evolve is a subject of great interest here at S.F.Heart.
Which one of us will be the Hundredth Monkey?
The Desiderata   A gift from my mother in 1966 as I left home.
"The Rainbow"  Do you remember the last thing out of Pandora`s Box?
Read this favorite excerpt from D.H.Lawrence classic book for a clue.
Poetry   A small selection of my favorite poems and poets.
Love Quotes  sniplets of prose and poetry on Love from philosophers,
artists, writers,statemen, actors, comedians and children. too.
Love Letters historical
Beauty Quotes
Mark Twain Quotes Bet he would have some witty remarks as
to what is going on in politics today.
Gandhi Quotes
Franklin's Thirteen Virtues
Einstein Quotes
My Summer of Love  Those were the days,my friends!
The Protest Songs sfheart's collection of information and lyrics for
60's/70's protest songs.
35th Anniversary Celebration of the Summer Of Love
Recommended reading list for wannabe hippies recommendations
based on some of the books we read in those way ahead Daze!
Music Raves of those Hippie Daze
Hippie Links
Allen Cohen
Allen Cohen Poetry dedicated to Freedom, a true spirit
of the counterculture and champion for Peace and Justice.
Excerpts From "The Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran
"On Love"
"On Beauty"
"On Giving"
"On Work"
"On Children"
"On Freedom"
"On Friendship"
"On Crime and Punishment"
Song of Love


Now Age
The Meaning of Color  Information on the various properties and uses of colors.
The Meaning of Stones   stones in the Breastplate, crystals,
composition and healing properties of stones.
Legends of Flowers   Legends and history of flowers
The Rose
The Iris
The Lily
The Tulip
The Daisy
The Poppy
The Dahlia


HOME  S.F.Heart opening page


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