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"If someone thinks that love and peace is a cliché
that must have been left behind in the Sixties,
that's his problem. Love and peace are eternal." - John Lennon

Web Links
Brautigan Chronology 1960s
Brautigan"s Plant This Book
Chronology of San Francisco Rock 1965-1969
Diggers Archieves
The Vaults of Erowid
Information about psychoactive plants, chemicals, and related issues.
Late Sixties / Cultural Transition
The Farm
Free Fall Chronicles by Peter Coyote
The Adventures Of A Street Musician
Hippies from A to Z by Skip Stone
How to tie-dye a peace sign
The "Psychedelic Sixties"
Remembering Richard & Mimi Farina
Sixties Music Quiz
check your memory bytes smile
Did You Say?
Door Beads and Beaded Curtains
John Cipollina Memorial website
Morningstar Chronicles
Rainbow Family of Living Light
Random Advice and Hippie Values
Ram Dass Bio
Ram Dass Tapes (wikipedia)
San Francisco Mime Troupe
The Sixties: Notes of Discord
Yale Curriculum 1983
The Straight Theatre
Quicksilver Gold
Wavy Gravy
Wheeler's Ranch
EXTRAORDINARY Photo Album of those 'Way Ahead Then' Daze
Writings of Sam Andrews
“A Tremendous Ride”: Sam Andrew on Playing with Janis Joplin [Q&A 1998]

Earthdance Earthdance International
Oregon Country Fair Eugene, Oregon
Burning Man Black Rock City, Nevada
Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes
Locations Vary
Reggae on the River Humboldt County, Ca.

Living with the Myth of Janis JoplinLiving with the myth of Janis Joplin: The History of Big Brother & the Holding Co.
Written by Michael Spörke and english translation by Sam Andrew
“I read from cover to cover your wonderful book. I couldn't put it down. You did a masterful job. I really became immersed in your book." ...Robert Altmann (Chief-photographer for Rolling Stone magazine.

The Haight-Ashbury:A History
by Charles Perry
The Haight-Ashbury: A HistoryFirst published by Rolling Stone Press in 1984 and re-released
in 2005 with a new introduction
by the Grateful Deads Bob Weir
to time with Haight-Ashburys
40th anniversary.



Stop the Violence Increase the Peace

The Protest Songs
More on Peace and Love
My Summer of Love
35th Celebration of the Summer Of Love
recommended reading for wannabe hippies
Music  Raves of those Hippie Daze!
Music Documentary of '60's and '70's

San Francisco Books

Anti War, Art, Autobiography, Biography, Communes, Cultural Revolution, Fashion Drugs/Sex, Haight Ashbury, Music, Novels, Poetry, DVD, Films

The Haight: Love, Rock, and Revolution

The Haight
by Joel Selvin ,
Jim Marshall (Photographer)

"Good friends, good books and a sleepy conscience: this is the ideal life".
more Mark Twain quotes

Five Minutes for Peace
Five For Peace

~ memories ~

January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970


Tender is Legal in the Eternal State of Love
cosmic cash dharma dollar

Rock Posters
TRPS Poster Society
Visual Transformation

Photograghers and Poster Artists
Robert Altman  Gene Anthony
Lee Conklin  Rick Griffin
Bob Masse  Wes Wilson
  Jim Phillips  Randy Tuten
David Singer  Victor Moscoso
Lisa Law

Rock Radio
Classic Rock 60' Radio

The 60's, 70's & 80's - 24/7
Founded By Music Producer David Mobley

Peace: The Biography of a Symbol

hippie: an open-hearted being  striving to develop a soul`s link to the divine." The heart's true motive
being the peaceful resolution of conflict
and love in action"
~ S. F.Heart


peace pass it on
Mother Earth's perfect renewable resource.
Recommended Books:
Peace: A History of Movements and Ideas
A Biased Timeline of the Counter-Culture
(or maybe) TIME OUT OF MIND:
\Like A Radiant White DoveLike A Radiant White Dove
Selected poems by Allen Cohen
Five Stars
Please visit Allen Cohen Poetry to learn more about him and his work
27 poems

Five Stars"Free Spirits - The Birth, Life, and Loss of a New Age Dream"

Free Spirit DVDDVD, written,directed, and coproduced byBruce Geisler.This award winning documentary tells the story of the "The Brotherhood of the Spirit" commune, later renamed the 'Renaissance Community', which was one of the largest communes in the eastern United States during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

CaravanThe Caravan five stars
The true story of Stephen Gaskin and the colorful caravan of buses that left San Francisco and settled on The Farm in Tennessee where to this day they continue to operate one of the most successful and longest lasting communes in the United States. This book has recently been reprinted after being out of print for 25 years.

Monday Night Class
Stephan Gaskins' Monday night classes were held at the Avalon Ballroom as well as in Sutro Park and were an important part of my hippie education..~ sfheart ~

Proceeding year by year from 1965 to 1971, Hippie gives an unprecedented degree —that is kaleidoscopically astounishing.

Ralph Meltzer
Ralph Metzner

Hippy Spirit Award

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