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Abandoned Army Hospital ~ From the 1890s, the Presidio was home to the Letterman Army Medical Center, which was named, in 1911, for Jonathan Letterman, the

Letterman Hospital 1970's
Letterman Hospital 1970s

medical director of the Army of the Potomac (CivilWar). It was where thousands of returning sick and wounded soldiers from the overseas wars of the 20th century were treated. Many soldiers died and their ghosts still haunted this hospital in Park Presidio.For manyyears it was fenced off, but you could find ways either under the fence or over it. Many windows were boarded up but a basement door towards the back of the building was open.

Letterman Digital Arts Center
Letterman Digital Arts Center
Also, many windows were busted out and it was musty, graffiti-filled, and very spooky. You couls hear footsteps, see reflections of light, and sometimes a cold draft. Even S.F.P.D. would not enter. - The police patroled the area and it was VERY possible you would get arrested or ticketed if caught there. In 2001 - The Letterman Army Hospital was demolished. Since 2005, LucasArts has occupied the site and as yet,there has not as yet been any reports of ghosts.

Abraham Lincoln High School ~ late at night, toilet paper can be heard unraveling in the girl's bathroom by the main office. also, in the girl's bathroom by the band room, feet can be seen in the stall when no one else is there and someone whispering "hi". And the room by the cafeteria is locked and no one is allowed in there because a girl was raped and murdered in that room.

Alcatraz~ Voices in the former eating area as well as the cell blocks are heard Alcatrazwhen no one else is around. Footsteps and the sounds of cell doors opening and closing also echo throughout the corridors. People have reported feeling "cold spots" in certain areas and the feeling that they are not alone, even when they are.

Bay Bridge ~ While driving on the lower deck at night towards Oakland direction, drivers would hear knocking on the windows. Some saying that they saw a headless man running next to their cars at the same speed of the cars. He was believed to be the victim of the 1989 earthquake.

Cameron House ~ Located on Sacramento St. in Chinatown, San Francisco. Once owned by Lady Cameron, the basement of the house was a refuge for Chinese immigrant from lives of prostitution and slavery, among the obvious discrimination and hell that was once Chinatown. She sealed the doors in the basement to protect the immigrants from inspections by the police. If she can't open the doors, they can't inspect and then arrest and possibly kill the rooms of people. However, the people were able to come in and The old Cameron Houseout through a secret passageway. Apparently, rumors spread about her philanthropy and some people came and burned down the house. Everyone in the rooms died. Now, the restored Cameron House (turned church) sends chills up spines. The basement doors are still sealed, but every door contains a red charm and a gold charm to seal in the spirits, as well. Furthermore, the pipes that run along the ceiling run to the end of the hall forming an "X" over a door with the script: "do not enter." Photographs taken in the house have shown white figures in the background. Supposedly, these photos are nonchalantly mingled in with normal ones and kept in photo albums at the site. This possibly happened around the 1930's or so. Now the Cameron House is a service organization serving low income, Asian immigrants, youth and families in San Francisco.

CCS Elementary School ~ There is an urban legend of an elderly church-going woman who was murdered by being pushed from a steep staircase, and whose body was later disposed of in the nearby dumpster. It is said that when young girls use the bathroom near the staircase, you can hear her praying. Hail Mary...

Golden Gate Park ~ There's a police officer ghost that roams Golden Gate Park. People will get pulled over and get speeding tickets by this guy, but when they go to file it through the courts they'll find out that the officer listed doesn't exist. He's been dead for many years. Anyway, the story goes that if a cop in the park is trailing you, you need to go outside of the park first before you pull over. And once you do, the ghost cop will disappear.

Haskell House ~ ghost of Senator Broderick pacing back and forth.

Neptune Society Columbarium ~ Located at One Loraine Court, San Francisco. Originally part of the Odd Fellows Cemetery, the Columbarium still stands over Geary Boulevard near Stanyan Street. This repository of the dead is not Columbariumonly wonderful eye candy, but has been a place of ghostly sightings as well. One encounter included a visitor having felt a hand on her back. When the woman turned around, no one was there. But a eerie white handprint remained on her blouse. Now a registered city landmark, the Columbarium is open to the public. Donations are encouraged.


Ocean Beach Sutro Bath - The sutro baths have quite a history behind them, as well as the tunnel that The Sutro Bath land nowlies directly to the right of the old sunken building. It has been said that many people have been sacrificed at the end of this tunnel, and if you go at night fall and light a candle at the end of the tunnel someone will come and pick it up and throw it into the water that rushes up just beyond the rocks. The original Sutro Baths that lasted through its many lives (Playland, 1960s ice rink, etc., burned down while being demolished on June 26, 1966. In 1980 the Golden Gate National Recreation Area (GGNRA) bought the land for $5,500,000.

Orchard Supply Hardware ~ There is a story of girl being murdered and raped in the warehouse area of the store 1 yr before it became Orchard. Employees have seen a figure walking and she is heard footsteps that seem to be the sound of high heels (No one wears high heels), screaming and laughing, as well as boxes moving. She likes to blow in men's ears and girls with long hair often feel a slight tug. One report of a worker that had just shrunk wrapped a pallet. The power went out and there is a 5 sec delay for the generator to kick on in that 5 sec something completely unwrapped the pallet.

Queen Anne Hotel ~ Located at the corner of Sutter And Octavia, the Queen Anne Hotel is an elegant Victorian style hotel, which dates back to the 1890's. With free access to all of the floors and some of the rooms, it's a great place to perform an investigation. If you want you can spend a night or so in Miss Mary Lakes Room. Before the hotel even was a hotel, it was a school for girls since few girls had access to schools back then. Miss Mary Lake was the teacher. She was dedicated to her work. But when the school was closed down she was heart broken and as she eventually died. Her spirit remained. Room 410 top floor is where you can find her room.

San Francisco Arts Institute ~ Supposedly built on a cemetery in the early 1900 after an earthquake, it is haunted by a few restless spirits.

Strawberry Hill ~ Stowe Lake Golden Gate Park - It has been said that in the 1920's or 30's a woman became pregnant & hide the pregnancy from her family. She disposed of the child and killed her self in the reservoir. At night if you're at Stowe Lake you may see her walking around Strawberry Hill looking for her baby.

The Mansions Hotel ~ The ghost of the original owner's daughter, Claudia, can be seen and heard by staff and guests. She has also been known to communicate to "yes" and "no" answers.>

Trinity Episcopal Church ~ Reports a gray figure coming out of the men's bathroom and disappear through the wall on the other side of the hall. Also experienced, strange drafts, 3 directional; shadow of a person, and an apparition in a white suite.

USCF Medical Center ~ Intensive Care Nursery haunted by women that have died in childbirth. Many children haunt Pediatric. 8th floor was so bad it had to be exorcised.

Washington High School ~ It has been said that the boy's 3rd floor restroom, is haunted. At night, or at later hours after school (when not as many people are around), people have reported seeing a figure standing by one of the stalls then vanish.

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