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Map of San Francisco

"We'll hold the distinction of being the only Nation in the history of the world that ever went to the poor house in
an automobile....Will Rogers"

Map of San Francisco (49743)bytesExtensive Map of San Francisco    Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART)
Blue and Gold Ferry Fleet   Golden Gate Park Bike and Skate
Streets of San Francisco Skate Rental  Caltrain   San Francisco and Northern California Airport Transportation Shuttles  *  City Pass

I used to drive but since I came to  San Francisco, I haven't felt the  need. The
public transportation eases me of all cares
about  parking, insurance, gasoline, and  repairs.

San Francisco Gas Prices

"The most valuable piece of Real Estate  in San Francisco is a parking  place!"...Herb Caen

MUNI ROUTES and STOPS ~ SF ~Transit information *****
Trip Planner helpful aid to find out what time
Muni will arrive before you leave home.

"Don't it always seem to go that we don't know what we got 'til it's gone?  They pave paradise and put up a parking lot."
- Joni Mitchell

What's the Fare? A handy tool in determining the best cab fare: (it's *somewhat* accurate) 

7 Golden Gate Park Maps -printable,interactive, restrooms, dog play, playgrounds, flower gardens.

Interesting San Francisco Facts 


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