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Poem for Web

What am I doing here on the Net
Communicating with people I`ve never met?
Always so proud to be Low-Tech
No micro-wave or TV set.
But now the internet is the place to be
in the 21st Century.
Surfing the cyber-highway of information
I look for knowledge I can use
to aid the Transformation
of War to Peace and Hate to Love
That is what I'm dreaming of.
Named my computer after Stephen Hawking
I'm carefully but quickly stalking
to get the skinny, the real live dope
on how to connect with Love and Hope.
Speeding along I find so much more
than I ever dreamed.
The World better than it seems
in the Daily News and man`s wicked schemes.
Happily I surf along and often times I find a song.

(summer, 1996, yes a long time ago!)

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