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Free love, free thought, free drugs right along side of microbiotic diets,
mystical study, the making and sharing of both kinds of bread :-),
and always the music, in the clubs and dancehalls, free in the
parks and all over the streets and even now still in our hearts.
Many think of those daze in terms of the Haight Ashbury,
certainly that was the epicenter of our hippie times.
There were however other places besides
the Haight that added to the delight of
my Summer of Love experience.

Considering the times I am recollecting,
and the fact that my memory may be a little faulty. :-)
I was pleased to find most mformation for these places still tucked
inside my remaining memory bank, however, 1 did fill in some historical
information garnered from the books and publications available.

San Francisco
was the heartbeat
of the world for thousands
of people all over the world during
the sixties and it was there that I discovered
my heart's true motive, shaped my philosophy of life
and became the hippie woman I still consider myself to be.
My hippie daze are my most treasured memories and I am
grateful to be here now and able to share them with you...

Accepted payment on all Karmic debts.
Cosmic Cash/Dharma Dollar

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