Susan Birkeland Poetry

January 18, 1961 ~ Nov. 18 2006)


Words with wine flowing through them
Words that wrestle and flip
Words with inestimable soprano proclivities
Pretentious arching words
and a passion for the intricate
Words that sound like peace under blankets
Words like the backside of banana creme pies

Words that hate themselves
Words that corner
Words underground
A mirror
A miner
Blam Blam Blam

Words tapped across wires
Words that make me sweat
Words that cut in two directions
Words streaming from an old man's cup

Scrambled words
Words too skinny
Words too fat
Words that hurt
Circumscribe and

Words that mean nothing
Like Never
And This Just War

The queen's words
The king's bandy legs
The dictionary re-written

Words that cut
Words that chain
Words that make me wonder
Words that delight

Tight fisted words
Broad words opening the night sky
Kind words
Clever slice across the middle
Knifey words
Words we want to forget
Words that lie

Smart words
Baby words
Shy words
Sly words
Al dente half alive words
Words I wish I couldn't remember
Words about wishes

Say this world is different
Say this woman bleeds
Say I am your lover
Say its her not me

Say I am forgiven
Say I am relieved
Say this world is SO FUCKED UP
Say I am not thee
Say I'm not your lover
Say Its Them, not Me

or rather

Say my Purple Willow
Our honey sweet relief
Say I see your sorrow
Say we will be Free

©Susan Birkeland