Susan Birkeland Poetry

January 18, 1961 ~ Nov. 18 2006).


Saint Susie of Side Lake


My dear sweet sister Susie
You always knew me best
You loved me with all your heart
You always gave and blessed.

My dear sweet loving Susie
Death ripped you from my heart
Missing you still devastates me
But, now I know a better part…..of what happened.

I know that you’re in Heaven
Whatever that may be
I know you’re whole, well and strong
In joy eternally.

You are no longer fettered
By sadness, loss and pain
The suffering has gone away
Just love and peace remain.

I feel that you are close to me
You meet me in my dreams
At times you whisper in my mind
I feel your presence near.

You knew me through my journeys
You always knew me best
You loved me through and through
You’re gone from this earthly plane

But, my heart can finally…….. rest.

Because I know that you’re in Heaven
Whatever that may be
With God, the Angels and the Saints:
Your friends and family.
You are unfettered…Free.

You’re connected to us who love you
I know this in my heart
I believe with my whole being
I no longer suffer doubt.

Your creativity, love and freedom
Are no longer held in check
By earthly limits, judgments, chains
And experiences of lack.

You completed your mission on this earth
Shared your stellar love, beauty and wisdom
Now, you’re soaring to heights unknown
Busy with your “projects”
Or, whatever they call that in heaven.

I see you painting us glorious sunsets
Dancing with angels on high
Sending love poems to ones who listen
Showering guidance and love for those
Who will… open to receive
And take a chance….to believe
Your musings are real.

You’re doing God’s work on a grander scale
Because you loved so much
Saint Susie of Side Lake
You visit me, you visit those
Whose hearts and minds love you and accept….the possibility.

So, now I can live with you gone from this earth,
You’re not gone from my mind and heart
I still miss you each day in an earthly way, but can be at peace
Knowing you’re so near
Still guiding and loving me, in ways I may know not.

I want to live like you, Susie
With courage, trust in God, love so strong
That nothing more can deter me
From singing my own soul’s song.

So, when I finish my walk on this earth
And meet my Lord so dear
I’ll say I’m Susie Birkeland’s sister
One of the beloved who helped me get here.

And then, we’ll have a wondrous reunion
My dear, sweet sister Sue
Our beloved cherished Susie
Saint Susie of Side Lake.


by Deborah Jean Birkeland,
November 18, 2008
Susan Birkeland’s sister
For Susan: January 18, 1961 – November 18,2006