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Drop City * Drop City by T. C. Boyle
Drop City is not a satire or a nostalgic look at the '60s. It is a novel infused with the lyricism 
and take-no-prisoners storytelling for which T.C. Boyle is known and is presented with truth
and clarity. An excellent look at the ideals of a generation living in counterculture California
commune and their impact on today's radically transformed world.

* Ginny Good by Gerard Jones five stars
This novel on the life and times of the San Francisco Bay area back in the
daze is a real page turner. At times very funny and often very sad.

*Little Miss Strange: A Novel by Joanna Rose 4 1/2 stars
Sarajean, a child of the '70s, begins her story in a free-love, first-names-only, hippie commune
in Denver. Little Miss Strange achieves its beauty--and its power--by way of details that offer
an unfiltered view of an exotic counterculture as experienced by the child as she becomes a woman.

Sarah Of The Moon
Sarah Of The Moon
by Randy Mixter 4 1/2 stars
A trip back to San Francisco the Summer of Love 1967.
A mystery, a love story, some wonderful humor, too.
And a real feeling of what it was like then.
All in all, for me, a most pleasurable read.

Messenger from the Summer of Love
*Messenger from the Summer of Love by David Ray Echt 4 1/2 stars
An original story that takes you on a mystical journey during that summer in 1967. Travel with an adventurous, twenty-year old man (Trevor) from the San Fernando Valley to the Legendary
Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco, the birthplace of the Hippies.


Divine Right's Trip* Divine Right's Trip: A Novel of the Counterculture
by Gurney Norman 5 stars
0riginally printed in installments as an adjunct in The Last Whole Earth Catalog.
This classic piece of American history is a must read!!

Indian Summer* Indian Summer of Love  by L. M. Levy five stars
"The Indian Summer of Love" is a fast paced, exceptionally well written novel.
   We are taken along for the ride with Sam, a young man on a quest to find himself, as he hitchhikes across the country during the hippie era's last daze. The book shares his experiences in San Francisco and Monterey, the finding of like minded individuals traveling the same roads to and from California groovin' on the good times, the psychedelic music, free love, and their dream to end war and change the world.


Loose Change
* Loose Change: Three Women of the Sixties by Sara Davidson 4 1/2 stars
This book sets the private lives of the three women against the public background of the time: the free speech movement, antiwar protests, Woodstock, drugs, the sexual revolution, Eastern spirituality, the avant garde art worlds of New York and Paris, communes, and the first moments of the women's movement. Timothy Leary, Mario Savio, Tom Hayden, and Joan Baez appear throughout.

Armies of the Night*The Armies of the Night: History as a Novel, the Novel as History by Norman Mailer
Pulitzer Prize for Nonfiction (1969); National Book Award for Nonfiction (1969)
Mailer interpretes and dramatizes the October 1967 anti-war demonstration in Washington and the issues and politics involved with insights into the nature of pacifism, liberalism, war, military, bureaucracy,
and civil disobedience.


*The Pipe Dreamers by Sandra Gurvis 4 1/2 stars
A snapshot of an era complete with the non-violent hippies, the radicals, the conservatives, the understanding faculty, misunderstanding parents, and reactionary administration. Julia Brandon, an innocent sorority girl and her journey of self-discovery is fascinating, especially for any reader too young to remember the 1960s. Gurvis has done an excellent job in recreating the setting for the reader, including all the drugs, fashion and slang that characterized the era, from "mari-huana" to "outtasight."

The Other Side of  Haight* The Other Side of Haight : A Novel by James Fadiman 4 1/2 stars
The story of a group of young people sharing a house in Haight-Ashbury in the 60's, both embodying and creating the spirit of their place and time. This book rekindles memories for those who remember, and were "there" in body and/or Spirit, while it sparks curiosity and new interest for those who were not.
A portrait of the Haight in its early Camelot days. A time when there was such an intense optimism that by caring and loving each other we began to change the planet...James Fadiman,author.

Bitch* Bitch by Karl Rauh
Few events during that whirlwind of movements, conflicts and upheaval known as "the sixties" took Americans more by surprise, or were more likely to inspire their rage, than the rebellion of those
who were young, white, and college educated. Perhaps none have been more maligned or misunderstood since. Dominick Cavallo pushes past the contemporary fog of myth, cold disdain and warm nostalgia
that shrouds the radical youth culture of the '60s. He explores how the furiously chaotic sixties sprang
from the comparatively placid forties and fifties. The book digs beyond the post-World War II decades
and seeks the historical sources of the youth culture in the distant American past. rare and out of print

Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie* Jester: Memoirs of a Retired Hippie by Warren J. Troy
(2005) five stars
Jester and the people he becomes involved with paint a unique picture of life out of the mainstream.
This well written book was out of print but fortunately now is back with a beautiful new cover and
a fascinating memoir that is sure to engage, excite, make you cry and laugh out loud too.
This is a 5 star book for good reason and I heartily reccomend it to you. ~ nicole,

* Prior Convictions: Stories from the Sixties by Dave Hickey,
~ collection of short stories of life as it was and still is for many. five stars


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