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Ancient Acid*Ancient Acid Flashes Back: Poems Ancient Acid Flashes Back: Poems
by Adrian C. Louis
Louis beams us back to the Haight during the Summer of Love and beyond on an inimitable tour of the wild side of youth, freedom, and possibility.

Haight Ashbury Sketches* Haight Ashbury Sketches
by Maury Bassaa
a wonderful collection of reminiscences, commentaries, and caricatures about the Haight Ashbury

Haight Ashbury Literary Journal
chronicles the lives of "the denizens of the present-day Haight Ashbury – professors, homeless people living in the park, veterans releasing their rage, prisoners, first-time writers, lovers, and a good dose of the lunatic fringe."
Haight Ashbury Literary Journal
Historical Essay
by Joanne Hotchkiss  to Subscribe
The Other Side of  Haight* The Other Side of Haight : A Novel by James Fadiman
The story of a group of young people sharing a house in Haight-Ashbury in the 60's, both embodying and creating the spirit of their place and time. This book rekindles memories for those who remember, and were "there" in body and/or Spirit, while it sparks curiosity and new interest for those who were not.
A portrait of the Haight in its early Camelot days. A time when there was such an intense optimism that by caring and loving each other we began to change the planet...James Fadiman,author.
Haight Ashbury History* The Haight-Ashbury: A History
Charles Perry's history of San Francisco's hippie haven has been pleasing readers ever since it was published in 1984. The Haight-Ashbury shows how a cultural revolution transformed a backwater district into the epicenter of "new consciousness." A mind-boggling treat for readers of Barry Miles's Hippie and other books about psychedelic bohemianism.
San Francisco in the Sixties* San Francisco in the Sixties
by George Perry (Editor)
With the passing of the 20th century into history, the 1960s will be viewed as one of its most crucial decades an era of unprecedented social and cultural revolution. Across the world, barriers collapsed, new freedoms were claimed, and an explosion of creative energy electrified the arts, fashion, politics, and lifestyles not always without accompanying turmoil.

Ringlevio by Emmett Grogan* Ringolevio A Life Played for Keeps
by Emmett Grogan (first published 1972)
The story of Emmett Grogan and the Diggers, the urban guerrillas and masters of
street theater who made San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury a home.
For anyone who thinks those were days only of peace, love, and flower power, "Ringolevio"
will be a revelation,as it evokes the gritty urban sensibility that supplied backbone to the
community's free flights of fancy. ". . . a great book".--Jerry Garcia. 0434305758

The Sixties Robert Altman* The Sixties: Photographs by Robert Altman
Brand New Sensational Book of photos from the Daze!!! (September 1, 2007)
Robert Altman is a photographer who studied with Ansel Adams and is best known as a photojournalist
for Rolling Stone magazine. A leader in embracing digital photography, his recent work appeared in Entertainment Weekly, Mojo, The New York Times, People, San Francisco Chronicle, and San Francisco Examiner. Ben Fong-Torres worked as a writer and senior editor at Rolling Stone in the 1960s and as a rock deejay for San Francisco radio station KSAN-FM in the 1970s. He is the author of The Doors by the Doors, Hickory WindThe Hits Just Keep on Coming, and The Rice Room. They both live in San Francisco.

Haight Ashbury CD-ROM
* The San Francisco Oracle / The Psychedelic Newspaper of the Haight Ashbury
(Digital Re-Creation) The S.F. Oracle, published straight outta Haight Ashbury from 1966 to 1968, was one of the most unique and beautiful publications of the '60s. It will be remembered for its extraordinary graphic design (by major S.F. artists), its groundbreaking printing techniques, and
for capturing the cultural explorations that would define the 60's through articles, interviews and poetry. Now, all 12 issues are available again, on cd-rom, with restored brilliance! View every
page exactly as they appeared back in the day, then print 'em out and read it on the bus if you
choose. And you're either on the bus or off the bus. Also included is a 30 minute DVD interview
with publisher Allen Cohen Purchase from publisher

The most beautiful newspaper ever seen on the streets of this planet.
"- Abbie Hoffman

The San Francisco Oracle* The San Francisco Oracle, Collectors Edition:
the psychedelic newspaper of the Haight-Ashbury, 1966-1968
The legendary "San Francisco Oracle," was a psychedelic, rainbow-hued underground
newspaper published in the Haight-Ashbury with Michael Bowen as Art Editer.
now out of print and will not be reprinted
However awhile ago there were still a few available
from the publisher, Regent Press
The most beautiful newspaper ever seen on the streets of this planet."- Abbie Hoffman


We are the People
* We Are the People Our Parents Warned Us Against
by Nicholas Von Hoffman
A series of vignettes on the people in the Haight-Ashbury during 1967.
Von Hoffman uses the New Journalism technique of focusing on personalities
rather than events. A lot of attention is given to drug use.
If you want to understand hippies of the 60's read this book.

The Digger Papers
Who are the Diggers?
Love and Haight
Maria Mango: True Hippie Woman HERE NOW


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