Michael Alan “Vampyre Mike” Kassel

December 3, 1953 ~ March 22, 2008

On Saturday May 3, 2008, at the Cafe International on Haight Street in San Francisco,
friends gathered to share their memories and celebrate the life of Vampyre Mike Kassel.

Michael "Vampyre Mike" KasselThe Dead Artist Talks Back
Vampire Mike Kassel
available from Zeitgeist Press
published February 2010

For Mike and his new Book

by Joie Cook

Poems for vampire Mike Kassel
by his friends and fellow poets:

Enchantment by Joie Cook
Un Christian by Jan Steckel
In Memoriam by Bruce Isaacson
Vampyre Meets God by Steve Arntson
Poems For Mike ~ Debra Grace Kattabb
Poem for Vampyre Mike ~David Gollub
Trying to Hug a Memory by Kathleen Wood
A Vampyre Mike Psychology Primer by Mel Thompson

Passover after the Death of Vampire Mike and
Going through Vampire Mike's Poems after his Death by Julia Vinograd

Bio written by his friend, Whitman McGowan

Obituary from sfgate by Steve Rubenstein
Dream Elegy for a Vampyre by Paul Gorman-Roberts,
October 27th, 2008

Toxic Vaudeville
by Vampyre Mike includes previously unpublished Babar period work.

Going For The Low Blow by Vampyre Mike
Going For The Low Blow
I Want to Kill Everything
I Want To Kill Everything
Zeitgeist Press
Wild Kingdom by Vampyre Mike
Wild Kingdom
Zietgiest Press
Graveyard Golf by Vampyre Mike
Graveyard Golf
Manic D Press

(March 1, 1991 )

A short excerpt by Vampyre Mike from
New American Underground Poetry
Vol. 1: The Babarians of San Francisco - Poets from Hell

"I Was a Teenage Godzilla"

"When I was ten
I was hit by a very small nuclear warhead
which slipped out of a torpedo tube
while my cub scout pack was visiting
the Navy submarine U.S.S. Caligula
on a field trip.
The incident was hushed up.
The other cubs perished
but I mutated into a Teenage Godzilla
just like in the movies.
Only I was still only five feet ten inches tall
Just a friendly li'l two legged radioactive Komodo dragon
It wasn't so bad
My parents were pissed
but the government paid them off
and they just had to kind of live with it.

©Vampyre Mike

Other poems by Vampyre Mike Kassel
"My love is like a red red nose"
I wanted to write something serious

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