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Jessica Loos, scion of the House of Adler (spec's place) is uniquely placed in the history of North Beach Poetry, having survived close relationships with many a Beat Icon (Gregory Corso, Jack Micheline and Ira Cohen spring immediately to mind), she brings both spirit and energy to the contempory table with her swagger and penetrating voice placing many of her peers decidely under that well notched table (and sadly in the case of some of her Beat predecessors, under the ground).

If big things come in small packages, her love for writing, remembering and teaching in the English language comes across from her petite frame in no holds barred rants and spells delivered in a cutting and lucid vocalism - sometimes disconcerting even some of her long time compatriots with her witty and unabashedly honest observations of the social and professional elite.

flyer for a Beat Museum reading
It has not been sufficiently explained how she has won our steadfast love and loyality and kept us looking after her (surprizingly intact) well being if not for her bewitching Black Irish charm. Her experienced showmanship and the obvious authenticity in her writing endears her to the poetry seeking public as well as the connoisseur. Any event that she hosts is guaranteed to lift the spirit and dispell the blues. The duende blows and the tin cans clatter in the street as she walks Grant avenue in dogged search of the lost poem and undiscovered chord.

Jessica Loos is a presenter of poetry and has hosted many poetry readings carrying over from her role as a Rock promoter earlier in her career. She is a performer and writer who has worked with the Living Theater and is currently working on a memoir of Jack Micheline. She has hosted several poetry readings including the wildly popular bi-monthly poetry readings that were held for awhile at the The Beat Museum.

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