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The Deepest Fear| Emotional Sources of Disease


The word Reiki means Universal Life Energy Wheel.

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Reiki is a bio-energy technique used for drawing energy into the practitioner body then transferring this energy into the body of another.
   Reiki energy is safe and non invasive, as you only have to place your hands lightly on the body or just above it to transfer energy.
   Reiki originated in the Tibetan monasteries as a method of self healing. It is used for healing on the mental, emotional and physical plane.
   This energy will go thru clothing and brings a warm relaxing sensation. It is very good for stress reduction. chronic pain, disease, emotional and mental upsets.
   It is the power which acts and lives in all created matter.

Quotes For Change

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loving touch
The Radiant White Dove
A Rap for the Spirit
by poet Allen Cohen

Just For Today Do Not Worry
Just For Today Do Not Anger
Honour Your Parents Teachers and Elders
Earn Your Living Honestly
Show Gratitude to Every Living Thing

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