Cosmic Cash *** Dharma Dollar
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C'mon people, now smile on your brother, ev'ry-body get together, try to love one another right now.
Chet Powers / Youngbloods

Cosmic Cash/Dharma Dollar Map

I fully encourage all to participate in the experience of giving and receiving Cosmic Cash.
The potential impact of expressed love in action is immeasurably beautiful.
Giving Cosmic Cash is a blessing for everyone. Including YOU the giver.
The response you get is priceless! .

I went to my mail box today and there was the cosmic cash. The web page doesn't do it justice!
The detail and bright colors, its simply beautiful. I will be back for more.... Jen

The Cosmic cash is sooo Cool...Bill

Hello sfheart,Thank you the quick delivery of the Cosmic Cash order. It was a huge success at our event. The people loved it. I will be ordering more very soon. I want to spread the good vibrations all over Mississippi. Peace and Love, Anthony Gilbert

Our volunteers were very happy with the Cosmic Cash Awards...Dr. Carl Henning

I gave it to the cute fireman who rescued my cat off the roof. Now we are engaged to be married. :-) I will be needing some more for our wedding guests! ...Sarah

YES!!! it's *beautiful*!! I'm so excited about it. I gave a lot away already :) 
The shared feeling of wonderment, innocence and possibility when you present an uninitiated person with a Dharma Dollar is so above and beyond anything I ever expected to do.....Aaron

I received the Cosmic Cash..unwrapping it was fun with the colorful paper and your love words and drawings on the it brought a smile from the mailman! Looking forward to passing out these gems...Love, Suzanne

The cosmic cash was the perfect gift for my teenage niece. She loved it and told me she had no idea her uncle was such a cool dude. :-) Peace, George Jeffrey

The young man who is helping me would not accept money so I ordered some Cosmic Cash for him. Thank you for sending it out so quickly. He loved it. It was the perfect gift...Margo

our cosmic cash arrived yesterday! it's so beautiful. i can't wait to be in the right place to share your great idea! Thank you for including me in your joyful enterprise ...Chris

This is the happiest dollar in the world !!!! ...Christopher

Your beautiful karmic credits have gone to some of the most wonderful people in the world.... Elizabeth

I would like to get some Cash to acknowledge the efforts of a group I work with here near Seattle. Our next workshop is the first weekend in August, and there will be about 45 staff people I would like to reward... Keith

Everyone loved the Dharma Dollars at our Spring Peace Festival. I am sending you some pictures of the smiling faces. Love...Thomas

I just received my Cosmic Cash. I must say I am overwhelmed with the good vibes.They are beautiful, you are beautiful! ....Tim Spotted Wolf

Very Groovy! :-) My mother said it was her favorite present.....Jennifer

Cosmic Cash/Dharma Dollars have also been sent to Hawaii, England, France Australia,
Japan and Holland.

Send E-Mail with subject line: CosmicCash
to inquire about receiving CosmicCash/DharmaDollars when they are again available.

After having distributed more than 17000 over the years since their conception, I am once again
needing to have more professionally printed in the way my design reguires.
.. nicole, sfheart

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