Today the empty sheath
of your body
became a prayer
staring steely-eyed serenely blue
into the unreal passage
such wise acceptance
and so all alone
as the waters rose

my brother
your gifted sharing hands
your classic feet
still teaching us to walk the walk
even as we speak
depends as you say
on how meticulous
you want to be about your way

now I will remember
to be kinder
and tip my hat
to your smiling spirit
even as autumn rains arrive
in San Francisco
where peace love and liberty
the mysteries
still flourish

all suffering ends
as it all must end
in return
in surrender
in letting go.

Yet still I hear
and more clearly now
the tenderness
in your laughter
as if bidding me
come forth
from the violet wind
draw near
and touch the lyre
for I am there
to calm the furies
and help the sun rise
with the magic of my song

©Jerry Ferraz (October ‘08)

Jerry Ferraz and Tony Vaughan
                Jerry Ferraz               Tony Vaughan

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