Ronald Sauer

   Rebecca (an acrostic poem by Ronald F. Sauer)

  Reaching for you in the dark of night as well as in the light:
             you’re mine, you’re mine, you’re regally mine!—

  Even greedily, even fat and happily, you’re mine. What a grand
         and solid monarch you’ve made of me in these our realms of love.
          I feel rather like Henry the Eight. —Wait, we’d better make that
            Henry the Tenth!—to allow for inflation
                 and the vicissitudes of Time.
            Yes, Henry the Tenth, it lends a gibbous then decimal rotundity
                  to my way out, far-flung, orbiting authority, to the

  Breadth and depth and paunch
            of my every satisfied desire and need, yes…

  Even so, we’ll make bolder still, and found a new religion:
            its cornerstone your sweetness, its sacraments
              your lips and breasts,
                 its candlelight your eyes, its dome and heights
                    the starry sublime of all the witty, tingling things
                          you say and do to further the cause of love and truth…

  Come down to earth, come back to reality,
              we might just get some woppy lip from the Pope collage by Rebecca Peters
                 for rearranging the stars in heaven, but he’ll get used to it… and

  Come to think of it, we’ll have to consult the
              Royal Exchequer soon: we might be a little short on dough
                 for all the pheasant pies we need and all the happy truffle cakes.

  And if need be, we’ll simple invade
                 that fair and Froggy land due south, and abduct a dozen or so
                    ransomable princes… I hear tell they dress well and
                       wear perfumes in lieu of bathing, and that some of
                             can even read…

    Ronald F Sauer
    January 19th, 2011












Sweethearts forever
Collage by Rebecca Peter

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