Jerry Ferraz

Satori in Spring

The fool succeeds by (accidently) hitting Time in the bulls-eye
                                                           ~ I Ching


Sitting distraught
on the edge
of my bed

gathering the dark clouds
of confusion
over my head

struggling to see
as thru a lens clearly
what's true?

then like a bolt
of black lightning
out of the blue


a total disconnect
from all things

no outward sign
of any kind
nor inward object
before the grasping mind
and no handy
moral compass
where my heart should be
beyond the seeming
sacrifice of self

I who bear the shame
am become the treasure

and return to the source
to be redeemed
thus to bend
and not break
the way
that leaves no doubt
or blemish

Out of the illusory world
of opposites
wisdom is born
all things are empty
void of being
free and easy
in body speech and mind
no need to say
I love you
in Spring

© Jerry Ferraz
May 2009



Satori © Jerry Ferraz
satori © Jerry Ferraz
Tempura and felt tip pen on paper


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