Jerry Ferraz


Where love counts
who is to say
if love has two hearts
or one
two leaves
or one bloom
one seed of destiny
or two woven tongues
one song of joy
or a duet of thrumming
one solitude of peace
or two hands folded in grace
and gratitude
one dream
or two laughing eyes of starlight
one moon
or two peas in a spoon
one chance under a perfect sky
or too many ways to die
of longing
for you
the one I cherish
the one I adore
the one I desire
the one I dream of
to pluck the fruit of
to taste the essence of
and to lose my heart to
the wondrous fire
the nectar of our song
for love possesses one
yet love is letting go too
but when twin hearts agree
love be one
love be two
love be timeless
love be new
love be fanciful
love be true
love be our lasting treasure
that shall ever prove
that the grasses grow
and the rivers flow
with the same devotion
and tender awakening
as when two lovers whisper
I love you

© Jerry Ferraz



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