Jerry Ferraz paintings

sunset after wildfire
© sunset after wildfire (2008)
ink brush and watercolor




zen fox
© Fox Spirit (pen and ink) SOLD
(illustration w/ poem:)
Zen Fable for Philip Whalen Roshi




Sleeping lady with Telescope
© Sleeping lady with Telescope (2008) SOLD
( pen brush w/ gold ink )




eruption under the sea
© eruption under the sea SOLD
gouche on paper Dec.2010






Ferraz paintings 2


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© Totem ~ (pen brush and ink) (2008) SOLD




Flowing Waaters of Virtue
© Flowing Waters of Virtue  (2007)
(pen brush and ink)


shooting star avatar
© shooting star avator (Nov. 2009) SOLD
gouache w/ gold ink



moutain lake (Nov. 2009)

© mountain lake (Nov. 2009) SOLD
gouache w/ gold ink




the fountain of youth
© The Fountain of Youth
gouche on paper Dec. 2010

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