Jerry Ferraz

Dharma Dream Walk

But form is function
right here
entering the public square
where forms are few
and people too
a couple of statues
of kneeling horses
or horned cows
their lowing eyes
following you
dream-walking with a mantra
under your breath
getting down to the beat
of the sacred street
O to be
all ways
right here
A taxi without a fare
makes a wide left turn
a mutual recognition
Is he cruising wisdom
or just killing time?
that little thing we do
with a rhythm and a rhyme
and it's all so true
and meaningless too
But it's no secret!
is a little wooden horse

a ruby red guitar
you can really ride

As far as I can see
the fun hath hardly begun
right here
in the Golden Monkey Mall
dream-walking with the ashes
of my ancestors
kept in a Burmese lacquered urn
like the mother of all mysteries
handling it
with care and concern
curiosity and content to be
right here
waltzing down the well-lit hall
how this will play
with all the window shopping
qauze-faced manikins
marching in thrall
the other way
O but your heart already knew
not to worry
they’re not real after all
like you
like words themselves
the whisperings in our sleep
of secret springs
that wake the dreamer
tis the breath
that makes the heart to sing
and awakening
that turns the day so green
never stray
from the way revealed to thee
in dream
keep the faith
and keep the soul
Fare thee well
Fare thee well
dharma dream walkers
wherever you are

©Jerry Ferraz–May 11, 2011



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