August 15, 1926 ~ November 9, 2009

Patricia was a gracious, creative and beautiful woman who will be missed by those who knew her and loved her.
Take For Example This
Take for example this:    
if to the colour of midnight  
to a more than darkness(which  
is myself and Paris and all  
things)the bright  
occurs deeply,beautifully 

and i(being at a window  
in this midnight)
                        for no reason feel  
deeply completely conscious of the rain or rather  
Somebody who uses roofs and streets skilfully to make a  
possible and beautiful sound:    
if a(perhaps)clock strikes,in the alive  
coolness,very faintly and  
finally through altogether delicate gestures of rain    

a colour comes,which is morning,O do not wonder that    
(just at the edge of day)i surely  
make a millionth poem which will not wholly  
miss you;or if i certainly create,lady,  
one of the thousand selves who are your smile.

From "&" ee cummings 1925



Pat and friend
Pat with her friend and neighbor Jennifer Jones

Pat always loved to dance

A short biography written with love by Sheila Beck

Our lovely friend and neighbor, Patricia (Pat) Lamerdin bid Au Revoir to this earth plane on Monday, November 9, 2009 from her beautiful apartment on Sacramento Street in San Francisco, where she had resided for almost twenty years. Although in her early eighties, Pat didn’t look a day over sixty-five.
As a teenager in the 1940’s, she spent most of her adolescence on the sandy beaches of southern California, where she was one of the original surfer girls, and where she would meet her only husband, an avid sailor who once crewed Errol Flynn’s sailboat. During her twenties and thirties, they sailed together to many exotic ports of call around the world.
A true Bohemian, Pat was an artist of life. A writer, she was religious about making daily entries in her journals, which filled up a trunk she stored in her apartment. She also painted beautifully and was a collector of art. The walls of her apartment were lined with photographs and paintings of her own creation, along with the incredible works she had collected over the years. Pat also loved jazz, and frequented various jazz clubs around San Francisco.
Pat adored Paris. For several years, she lived there for one to two months out of the year, usually residing on the Left Bank in the small and quaint Hotel Des Arts. During her time in France, she became acquainted with many other artists and writers with whom she stayed in touch over the years. She also made annual visits to close friends in Key West, Florida, usually during the holiday season.
No doubt Pat is smiling brightly as she looks down upon us today - most likely with a cigarette in one hand, and a glass of whiskey in the other.
A toast to Pat …Cheers, my Dear…Until we meet again…Au Revoir…Cin Cin xox

Sheila Beck organized a small gathering in Pat’s memory, which was held on the rooftop of the building where Pat had lived for many years. It was indeed a group effort of her friends and neighbors. - Jennifer Jones supplied requested photos of Pat, Kamran organized the materials digitally for the brochure, Jan brought party favors- bubbles, and Bob provided appetizers.  and Sheila Beck designed the brochure, created the invitations, made the bookmarks, and wrote the loving bio above.
Sincere thanks to you all for allowing us to share it with her other friends and fans.., nicole,


Sharing time with Pat was always a celebration
photo of Jennifer Johnson, Ashley and Pat celebrating.

Pat enjoyed traveling to exotic places
Pat did enjoy traveling to exotic locations though her expression in this photo might seem otherwise.

Pat helps her young friend celebrate a birthday
photo of Pat celebrating a young neighbors birthday.

Patricia Carr Lamerdin died November 9, 2009 at her home in San Francisco at age 82. She was a well-known Bay area potter in the 1960s and her work won prizes in shows, including at the DeYoung Museum. She was a painter, owned art galleries in Tiburon and San Francisco, was a world traveler and especially loved Key West and Paris. Pat lived in Tiburon and San Francisco for 60 years. She was a regular at art openings, Tosca's, Bix, Top of the Mark, Conga Room and the Buena Vista. She loved listening to jazz and blues. She volunteered at Old First Presbyterian Church in San Francisco and wrote Out in the Cold,  a book chronicling her interviews with many homeless people in San Francisco. Celebrations of her life were planned in Key West and San Francisco by those who loved her and her ashes will be scattered in places that had great meaning to her.

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