No More Violence

The Protest song was one of the
main symbols of the sixties youth culture
and was aimed at awakening public awareness
of social issues, particularly the Vietnam conflict.
The songs provided the soundtrack to our demonstrations
against that War and All war.

War has shattered
Many young men's dreams
We've got no place for it today
They say we must fight to keep our freedom
But Lord, there's just got to be a better way
It ain't nothing but a heartbreaker
War !
What is it good for?

("War", by Edwin Starr was the United States
number 1 song in 1970.)

The war drums  continue to beat in the White House,
while another generation is being sacrificed - both ours
and theirs, too.  This time around, torture wears a
government stamp of approval ~ Weapons are America's gross
national product.  The protest songs of the past join with the
protest songs of the present and will continue to call for an
awakening of public awareness of social issues. They
encourage us to never give up the struggle for
our dream of World Peace..


"Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent." - Victor Hugo