Polo Fields
Golden Gate Park


    January 14,1967 was the "Gathering of the Tribes-Human-Be-In.
    I was one of the crowd of thousands of bliss filled people who showed up for the event to hear Allen Ginsberg, Timothy Leary and Gary Snyder and rock to the bands. Jefferson Airplane, the Grateful Dead, Quicksilver Messenger Service, and Sir Douglas Quintet. The fabulous jazz flautist Charles Lloyd sat in with the Dead and the Hell's Angels provided security. It was a fabulous day of Peace and Love.

    About a week after Bill Graham died I was also one in the crowd of 300,000 who turned out for his memorial concert. That was October 1991. They billed it "Laughter,Love and Music" and it certainly lived lived up to its title. Crosby,Stills and Nash played as did Journey,Santana,local Robin Williams, and Bobby Mc Ferrin.

    The next year when Peter Gabriel appeared for a paid performance to kick-off his WOMAD Festival they had the largest crowd ever recorded in the history of his moving festival. Sorry I missed that one. But I was there for the memorial service to Jerry Garcia in August 1995.
Speedway meadows was what we called the strip of park leading to the Polo Fields.

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