New Age Grains
1319 9th Avenue

egypteye.gif     Natural foods were the order of the day and New Age Grains, owned and operated by the Sufis, was where I bought my flours and other necessary grains to bake my own bread each week. Almond butter was also on my list as well as yogurt, nuts and jelly made from rose petals. Across the street from the grainary was the general New Age Health Food store also run by the Sufis. There I bought my fruits and vegetables, Indian spices, herb teas and cold-pressed oils. For $30.00, I could buy enough food for a week and all of it pure and natural. It was the very best. My complexion and health were never better than at that time. I still enjoy organic foods but pay a lot more for it now.

    Also on this same street in the Sunset District down from the health food stores was a shop named "Leaves of Grass". It was a head shop run by a man who said he was a 105 year old Warlock. He sure looked great for his age. ;-) I remember another shop also on that street. It was a wonderful bookstore called "I, Gutenberg...Books"

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