Natures Herbs
281 Ellis Street

"And the fruit thereof shall be for Meat, and the leaf therof for medicine" Ezekiel,47:12

   This small herb shop was run by an older couple who had already been there for years before I met them. They were the nicest couple and totally non-judgmental. They were full of advice and knew everything about the herbs and oils that they sold. Their catalog was wonderful.

     They sold all the herbs and natural oils, as well as natural herbal medicines for every ailment. We would buy pounds of their excellent potpourri to make into sachets. I used their rosemary oil on my hair. For a time I experimented in making my own shampoo and conditioners out of natural herbs and flowers. My clients loved it but I never did learn how to preserve it so it kept going rancid on me. It had to be always made fresh each day and after awhile that got to be just too much work so I gave it up. Some of my clients still ask me to make special rinses such as chamomile or clove for their hair.

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