McAllister Antique and Thrift Shops
McAllister Street between Laguna and Fillmore

   Old things were especially desirable at that time and McAllister Street was the best place to find furniture,old books,costume pieces, and just about any other thing you could possibly want.

    The flat where I lived with Dixie and Nathan was filled with antiques and novelties from McAllister street. Lovely horsehair sofas and large oak tables,fancy framed pictures of beautiful people and scenes from the past. Old crystals bought and suspended over all the windows to catch the sun and fling rainbows through out the flat. It was beautiful to see. I bought an incredible carved leg golden oak table there at one of the many shops. I still have it. It had been used to display candles so was practically covered in wax. It cost $50.00 and I refinished it myself to pristine perfection.

   Eventually the shops moved out of that area to make way for  low cost housing to be built there. The shops moved first to Haight street and then over to Valencia and upper Market Street.

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