Lew Serbins
222 Powell Street

  It had been located at 450 Castro Street (the '30s), 25 Powell Street (the '40s), 216 Powell Street (the '50s), 171 O'Farrell Street (the '60s) and, finally, 222 Powell Street.
It is also possible that Dance Art was in the Warfield Building for a short time.

  This place was full of magic. Sequins, beads, cloth of silver, gold, metallic shining stuff. What I loved most were the feathers. Turkey  or marabou feathers , small ones and magnificent large ones. Feathers of all sorts of birds could be found there.
    It was a delight to the eyes to see all the fancy stuff they sold there. We spent hours searching out the perfect feather or bead, whatever to help us complete whatever art or costume piece we were working on at the time. I bought little bells there that I would attach to my clothing so that as I walked the little bells would chime and I loved it.
    I still miss that place which closed long ago and was replaced by the usual camera and electronic shops that we have such an abundance of. Mostly there to rip off the tourists or any other fools who wander in.

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