Lands End / Ocean Beach
at the edge of our continent

     Lands End  and Ocean Beach play a large part in my experience of the Sixties. In 1969 I moved to little cottage out in the outer Richmond District. I soon became acquainted with the charms of Lands End and Ocean Beach.

    I started almost everyday with a walk out to the point to check the tide. I sat up on a high limb of my special tree overlooking the Pacific as I did my morning meditations. Often I would take the path that starts under the seventeenth hole of the Lincoln Golf Course and leads along the cliffs to Louie little restaurant above the Cliff House. Sometimes I would find a path down the cliffs to the hidden solitary little beach below where I would watch the ships and look for treasures I could use when I made mobiles with pieces of driftwood and shells and whatever else I found on the beach.

    Another favorite thing to do was catch the sunset at Ocean Beach and then go play at Playland. That was a good trip!

    After the Peace March or concerts or just anytime at all I loved to go with my friends and build a bonfire on the beach and just hang out. Talking, solving the problems of the world, loving life and each other. getting into that higher consciousness when one can see hidden messages written in the fluorescent surf as it sweeps up to the shore. Very fine times indeed!

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