Haight Ashbury Free Clinic
409 Clayton Street

  egypteye.gif   The original Haight Ashbury Free Clinic opened its doors in June 1967 in response to the health care needs of the many young people that were living in the Haight. Dr. David Smiths goal was to provide health care for free that was humane and nonjudgmental. This is still the philosophy of the clinic.
    The Haight Ashbury Free Clinic was the first of its kind. It has always served as an example of innovation and positive change to the community health care field.
   In an era of human service cutbacks, it is there for the working poor as well as the unemployed, and even the middle class who cannot afford private medical care.
    The Clinic currently serves over 50,000 patients a year from a broad spectrum of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. It is most definitely a place of "Love in Action".

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