Columbus Towers
906 Kearny Street

   This copper roofed building faced with white enamel tiles was one of the few steel framed building of the early 1900's.
   Now owned by Francis Ford Coppola, it is where the old-time San Francisco political boss Abe Ruef once had his offices. It is now the home of Coppola`s "American Zoetrope" Production Co. And the name of this extraordinary building is now 'The Sentinel'. The ground floor is occupied by the new (1999) Cafe Niebaum-Coppola, a bistro and wine shop satellite of the Niebaum-Coppola Estate Winery in the Napa Valley. There are Poetry Readings Sunday afternoons from 4-6 pm.
    It is here in the 60`s that the Grateful Dead recorded second album "Anthem to the Sun" which was spliced together from dozens of live performance recordings and some overdubbing. The album was unusual in that there were no breaks between the songs, each song blending into the next.
    If you come to visit San Francisco you simply must go and look at this extraordinary building. It is a Landmark building if ever I saw one.
Special thanks to Jerry Kergan for kindly providing even more information on this extraordinary building

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