Coffee Gallery
1353 Grant Avenue

    In the Fifties it  was Miz Smith's Tea Room. Wednesday night was poetry night and most of the Beat poets hung out there.

Later it became the Coffee Gallery and in 1960 there was a six hour jam session benefit to buy a sprinkler system for nearby club, the Cellar. The jam session included Jimmy Rushing singing the blues, Duke Ellington reciting poetry,and Enrico Banducci acting as bartender.
Comedian Lord Buckley played here and Hugh Romney (later known as Wavy Gravy) also played there.
    The Great Society featuring Grace Slick played their first gig here and unknown Janis Joplin sang country blues. Thousands of unknown folk singers played here over the years.
One night Charles Manson showed up wanting to play and sing but he was so bad he cleared the room and was asked to leave.
   Then it became the "Lost and Found Saloon" which it remains to this day. Taj Mahal, Dr. John, Paul Butterfield, and The Metors, Led Zeppelin have all played there. Also Tim Hardin, Dino Valenti, Alvin Bishop and George Thorogood.The list goes on and on.
    I like this place and still go there occasionally to see  the local hot Blues Bands and dance a little. There is nothing pretentious about this club.  It remains a local hang out, casual and easy going which is exactly how how I like it.

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