Carousel Ballroom
10 South Van Ness Avenue at Market Street

  mantranim.gif The Carousel was the former El Patio Ballroom on the second floor of the car dealership on the southwest corner of Market and Van Ness.
Bill Graham left the Fillmore on Geary to take over the Carousel in 1968. I saw "The Eagles " on Valentines Day 1968 and The Dead playing with the Airplane in 1971.
One of the best shows I remember was Dr. John and another time Sly and the Family Stone.
It seemed to me at the time that the vibrations were not as good at the Carousel as at the Avalon Ballroom possibly because I was more familar with the people who frequented the Avalon. What was the Carousel Ballroom is now the service and repair shop of a Honda Dealership. Although the floor is gone, the walls are still there suggesting the elegance that once was.

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