The Inner Child is Free
xmas 2002


Well another xmas
surrounds us.
The California coast
is in the midst of a wet
parade of storm fronts.


That baby Jesus is being born
again in our minds
and we bring gifts to each other.
For don’t we all have that innocent
fresh clean lilac of a child within us?


But the world is moaning
and bursting with hatred
and threats of war and weapons
are bakin’ and being shaken.


The arctic ice is melting
the temperatures rising
and falling at the same time.
The fossil fuel furor
is choking the planet
even the plankton is dying.


And what we need to awaken
is lying there in the manger
yet in grave danger
as true innocence always is
waiting to enter the world soul
with the vigor of forgiveness
and energy of compassion.
saving and becoming the child within.


The cynicism of the world
the errant pride of empire
the power of wealth
all will bow before that child.


Think of all you can forgive.
Think of that child within
lying on the blanket of the world
waiting for your love
waiting to be free of fear
waiting for your hand.


When will this tornado of beauty
that is buried within
blow through us –all of us
the governments, the armies.
the corporations, leaders and citizens.
That is what it’s all about
not wars and slaughters
and dying children
but the moment
of ecstasy and peace
encircling our minds
encircling the world

©Allen Cohen
All Rights Reserved

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copyrighted  by Allen Cohen