The Reagan Cult

The Reagan Poems cover collage © Allen CohenBeliefs are so rampant -
They are the walking dead and
the screamers are in control.
The messianic Moonies creep into government
and the Korean generals are the first
to get favors from the Reagan machine.
Imagine how the red faced kids
with roses and robot eyes
worked the northeast for Reagan
and how millions of dollars bought a seat for Mr. Moon
in the fourth row at the inauguration.

The fundamentalist christians
have windswept the south and the midwest
in hungry expectation of the Apocalypse.
Don't the 27 children dead
in Atlanta sound like the massacre
of the innocents that always accompanies
the fears and ambitions of the Beast?
I ask with a surreal trembling "Is he
the beast who 'took the blow of the sword and lived' '?
The followers are everywhere looking
to someone to lead them thru
the helpless corporate day
and the nightmare of the starless night.

And the people of reason, where are they?
who once hoped we could move toward a peace
that would stretch thru time and space?
They now believe that the victim creates
his own victimization and is solely responsible
for his poverty, oppression and torture
and they fly toward their own pleasures
and islands of success.

And the creators, where are they,
who search out the inner and outer mysteries?
They look for jobs with the killers of the day
mixing the self - fulfilling prophecies
in their palettes, recording studios,
blueprints and vials, or they prepare
to score big and fly away to New Zealand and Goa
in the vain hope of survival and escape.

I want to explore a campaign of compassion.
I want to know what reason and progress are again.
Yes, I want sharing and giving
to reach international proportions.
Can we ever speak a language of needs
compromises and solutions again?

©Allen Cohen All rights reserved.
Cover collage © Allen Cohen

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