At the Blues Festival
Golden Gate Park Band Shell

                                                           May 29, 2000

I saw such beauty today that I am blessed forever.
She was dancing to the funky blues.
Light poured from her eyes
and her face glowed.
She had a smile that
must have been born with her.
It was natural and real.
She danced like an Indian Maiden
but her arms moved
like an ecstatic 60's hippie.
There was a time I would have have reached
out for her and danced the day away
and held her in my arms all night.
We may never have seen each other again
or may have stayed together for an eternity.
Now I write this poem
as a tribute to a beauty I know still exists
Will I ever touch it again?

© Allen Cohen All rights reserved.

This poem is included in Allen Cohen's newest book, "Like A Radiant Dove".