The Bruce Latimore Show; Tribute to A Magical Isle After 600 Shows

thru William Shakespeare and Mike Somavilla.

Shooting toward the coast
through San Francisco
down Highway 1
the ocean kissing
the darkening beaches.
As the sun sets
its rays dart
toward the waves
turning the skies golden.

Ann's stand up bass
lying quietly in its cover
in the the back of the Honda.
Heading to Pacifica Studio
to play on Bruce Latimore's
community cable variety show.

Ann wearing white Grecian dress
looking like a goddess
plays stand up bass
while I dressed in rainbow tie dyes
read elegies of Ginsberg or Garcia
or latest political rant
poking the air.

Then we move to
Bruce's Fortress Desk
and talk about Sixties
or the Oracle or children
or Ann's drawings or paintings.

Bruce cool, no sweat
Prospero on his magical isle
The crew hovering behind camera
fingers keeping track of time.

The next act waiting on deck
600 shows, a cast of thousands
We could be followed or preceded
by Ramblin Jack Elliot,
his cowboy hat aging on his head.
Or Al Jazzbo Collins making
his last appearance before he joins
the jazz bands in heaven.
Or Country Joe singing to
prevent more wars.
Or Fruminous Bandersnatch
remembering rocking Berkeley
Or the many veterans
of the San Francisco Sound
Mike Wilhelm of the Charlatans
Jerry Miller of Moby Grape,
Darby Slick of Great Society
Sam Andrews of Big Brother
Jorma Kaukonen of Jefferson Airplane
Lisa Kindred singing the Blues,
Chet Helms impresario of the Sixties
George Michalski accompanying everyone
with a thousand fingers on the piano,
Rock Scully from inside the Grateful Dead,
Zero carrying the Sound into the nineties.
JC Flyer chronicler of the music
playing with his country band.

The Pacifica fog
surrounds the studio
the ghosts have risen
and come back to life.
Bruce waves his arms.
Like Prospero
requiring some heavenly music
he has brought us all forth
the elves and angels
the known, the unknown
the should be known
the never will be known and
the should never be known
and by his potent art
and rough magic
has worked his purpose
upon the world's senses.

© Allen Cohen All rights reserved.