"Where love rules, power cannot dominate."
...Carl Jung

Kathleen Kelly on a 40 day fast
with Voices in The Wilderness
to protest the over 1/2 million children dead
by U.S. and British bombers
starts her 36th day
but cannot make it to her
place in front of the U.N.
because three super airliners
have smashed into
two symbols
of world domination,
The Pentagon and World Trade Towers.

Fireballs explode thought massive office buildings,
nerve centers
of the American psyche
killing a random population
of over 2,000
human beings...

On television
Oliver North is interviewed
as an expert
and U.S. president Bush
in the blind lust for blood and revenge
declares a war
between good and evil
 without understanding
  that good and evil exist
  in every heart..

Jesuit priest and peace activist
Daniel Berrigan
comments on a community radio station:

"If there is a criminal in a neighborhood
we don't bomb the entire neighborhood."

Bush--like a deer
caught in the lights of reality,
gets lost somewhere in the air.

How to be truly human
amid this madness.

A burnished heart of steel.
Forty billion dollars
raised in one morning
to start a war of retaliation,

a kind of national holy war,

an American jihad.

Terror makes more terror.

Rule by fear or rule by love.

© Tony Vaughan

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