Tony plays the kalimba/haiku break free or five and a half haiku

Tony plays the kalimba
trees blossom
perfume the soft air

we walk up union street
up the hill

Armour says, "I'm going to write this."
"Do it, yeah," we say
more laughter

bouncing up union street
circling electrons
around the mysterious center

playing the kalimba
perfect liquid notes into the night
more laughter

we laugh all the way

why we went down the hill I don't remember
it doesn't matter

once, long ago
we went down the hill

© Kristine Brown
written during the early morning hours of September 29, 2007, for a fundraiser for Tony Vaughan



after Tony left

after Tony left

                                                                                                                            after Tony left
an angel fallen back to heaven

the light was less

                we had expected his death

after Tony left

                in the bone
                                     filling where the breath must be

              unexpected enormity

                                    after Tony left                             without fear

                 leaving us all behind

   under a grey sky                              on a grey shore                                   blown by wind

© Kristine Brown
completed the afternoon of October 19th for a memorial reading for Tony Vaughan

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