Monday 9/29/08

 News from Tony


Last night as I was
going to sleep, there was Tony
racing along through space
like ahuman rocket
his arms close to his sides.
And then I was moving along near him
ao I called out
'Hey Tony What's it like?"
and he rreplied with a word I would not necessarily
associate with him;
"Beautiful." he said
and then I began to experience
that beauty enveloping him
and though I was aware
what I was feeling was second hand,
it was still an infusion in my entire being
of some rare element
that included joy and a sense of warm love
bubbling like a fountain,
And though
a hundred times more intense with him
and another color too
it was all sheer joy
and totally beautiful.

©Indigo Hotchkiss

copyrighted book cover by Tony Vaughan


So it's over,
Tony's gone on to wherever it is we go to
and where we are now feels bereft..

Tony's spirit
bathed in a layer of kindness was always up;
poetry lived in him,
kept house, ordered his days
and nights, always a little wild.

His cool in the face of horrendous
diagnosis last year paved the road
to at least one more year.
His spirit always did take over his body
and his life.

Disease was just a bothersome insect
he slapped it off with the joy
that was the wick of his nature
always lit.
Sadness pulls me to an underground
cavern but there I'm alone
Tony's not there
He's up, alive with crazy poetry and painting,
with music, singing and swinging
on down the heavenly way.

© Indigo Hotchkiss

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