Bread that
tastes= like glass.

Cheese that
tastes like a
door  closing.

Ice cream
that  tastes
like  the last hour
on  earth.

A roast beef sandwich
that  tastes
like  the inside of a classroom

A drink from
 the otherside
 of language.

Sugar like
a skeleton playing

An elixir
That tastes
like fireworks
or a hidden meaning.

A salad like an abrupt silence.

Blueberry muffins
Like a bird in flight.

A crow hanging
From a
Forgotten  sky.

Sweet peas that taste
Like a sunny day in winter.

© Tony Vaughan 2006

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Flavors © Tony Vaughan
This booklet containing Tony Vaughan's poem 'Flavors' with his watercolor titled 'Self Portrait ' was designed and printed by his good friend and fellow artist Rebecca Peters for 'Off the Cuff Press', in 2007

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