Tony’s Arc

In your demise everything starts moving:
doves, butterflies, fish, geese, horses, elephants,
perhaps a donkey or just birds flying hither
and thither.

They’re moving in your paintings
burst into song from your palette : a rainbow, a choir of
hues, singing depth and heights, imaginary
landscapes where we want to be with you.

Again with you.

Still, so still, a life sung from sometimes-fragile barricades
from where you fought those demons, plucked them out on
your guitar strings in caffe Trieste or wherever you seated yourself,

And how you barked at the injustice of it all,
what was wrong with the world,
yet slipped away so gently, like one of
the doves in your paintings
a swift, featherlike touch on the cheek.

Your life rising and growing as
we let your creatures out of their frames
your poems flying  into the world’s ear
your name eternally glowing.

© Agneta Falk

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painting © Tony Vaughan<
Spring Birds©Tony Vaughan

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