After the Eviction of the Goodman Artists Collective

In memory of Tony Vaughan, artist and activist, who explored the possibility of transition from ambient
dissonance to beautiful harmony and the omnipresent human potential to grow beyond discord to love.

Hungry at MOMA rich with loose change open mind pointed hat
Confident at least of the lust for a cream cheese fueled relief

Or else comrades the place with the black beans
Better than the meals we'll get as patients and prisoners

Artists good men and women evicted we've become freely roaming
Animals in the wild earth and sky the democracy of the Serengeti

We can also have a little soup and salad
And with dessert birdsongs of a gentle loving nature

Long-necked young Jacqueline's now a giraffe on the hillside
Schoolkids on a field trip now happy monkeys

With no bars no zoos always free
Jacqueline can munch on the sweet green leaves in the high branches

Below our scampering children are loved
Magic's free and freedom's magic a communal feast

An affectionately strummed guitar fresh life in
Our voices beautiful and soft as windblown fur

by Bobby Coleman

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