by Tony Vaughan

Heart flower.
Nobody owns this culture of Peace.
How to defeat the Death Machine.

Giant anti-war protest
on Market Street,
San Francisco,
October 26, 2002.
Onslaught of common ground.
Bombs Are Not The Answer.
Take Back America. Resist.
Renounce Atrocity.
Kazoos, slide whistles,
highschool kids with glasses
& giant peace signs.
The Green Man
on a bicycle.
The network of love
draws in sorcery
and a tye dye banjo player.
Sun Power.
Drug Addicts For Peace.
War Is Bad.
Teachers and Electrical Workers For Peace.
Sammy Hagar Imitators
Against Mass Murder.
cries, chants to
Quan Yin and Mother Mary
take new ground
where even poets meet
in an adventure
bigger than any scene.
The immaculate roar of popular resistance rises
from the rear-- over 150,000!
The power of a future
imagined with Love, Democracy, Socialist Revolution,
Collective Resistance, Sustainability, People Power
and Creative Individuality.
Blood should not be $1.79 A Gallon.
No Peace Without Justice.
Stop The War.
This invisible power
is its own potential,
its unfathomable
The intimacy of parading for peace
with thousands of others is fun
because anything can happen.
Which shall it be:
the America of false priviledge and arrogance,
or the America of true participatory democracy?
Rage Against The Machine. Feed The Poor.
No War In Irag.
Irag Didn't Steal Your Retirement.
Pretty Girls For Peace,
Embrace The Feminine.
A T-shirt that says:
"I survived Catholic School."

This parade doesn't stop for red lights
or giant cameras,
is loud enough
so even the police and FBI in helicopters above
can hear the clamorous chanting.

We have our own defense.
At the front
by each side
of the crowd

two undulating formations of
young warriors,
discipline with marshall arts,
dressed in rainbow pajamas,


even the police
off the street,

clearing the way

for the power
of this future.

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