Some Things I Think About
When I Remember Tony

I remember Tony's psychedelic ramblings,
His free-form-consciousness guitar journeys,
The quiet way he could fill a half-full room
With his eternal gentleness, kindness
And honesty,

The unspoken depths of his loyalty,
The way he took care of so many souls.
Selflessness was organic to him, effortless
And not full of the falsity
Of overly-labored self-reformation.

And too, it's important to remember
That there was only one person I ever felt
Married to, and we met because Tony
Tugged my arm and said something like,
"You need to look up from your proof-

Reading. A wonderful woman is about
to take the stage. I know you're looking
To publish more writers. You'll really want
To watch this one." As I gazed up
From my haze,

There was the most beautiful and beguiling
Creature I'd ever known. I published her,
And fell in love with her, and lived with her.
She was the only woman who could handle
Living with me for years on end.

She and I are still friends
Two decades later. Thank you, Tony,
Not only for your friendship, your music,
Your support, and your poetry, but also
For introducing me to my one true love.

For Tony Vaughan,
by Mel C. Thompson, Lafayette, 10-20-2010


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copyrighted painting by Tony Vaughan
Tony Vaughan's Unicorn
(photograghic interpretation by James Cha

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