O sad sack! O sad eyed boo who!
O hobo! O lunch o' patent leather shoes!
O frizzy locks! O dainty eating
Fat dame unblinking tired old grease paint

O' Dapper Dan Wham Bam Thank You Mam
In ballerina tut! O Dumbo!
In smarty pants! O gawky giraffe!
O balloon with big eared bunny duck

And dove in pockets of velvet thrift,
With ball and twine and handkerchief and
One eyed jacks and kitchen sink in the sleeve
O' tricks for your coat, feathers caressing,

Yikes! Whipping you rump o' Thinker Pose, sore
Deep in bore, with the slaphappy buttons
O' groucho harping the hardy chill will
Of country bozo red skeletons singing

"Howdy do" while sniffing glue with fire
Cracking banana kissing chimpanzee
Aping life swallowing fire and sword
Windproof Zippo, on tight rope, twirling

Beach ball, seal like on its wrinkly free nose,
While cycling one wheeler though hoops o'
Finger licking lollypop with candy
Cotton jolly tongues o' that one lone

Kissie-kiss "Gotcha! Red bulb nose! Ink drop cheeks!
Bald Wig in flight!" O cannon that shoots!
O cheerot! In cap and bell on wobbly stilts!
O coon of loony tune and Rune! O loon!

O Chaplin of chumps! O wow! O boy who's
Be clown! Off! Yes off to join a clown band!"

© Jeffrey Grossman

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